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TL27 single post lift - Height 2 meters, capacity 2.7 tons, mounting on the floor, fixed installation

ALL ROUND- single post lift for cars up to 1.8 meters wide

Useful in smaller spaces, car on one side completely free

The column is 2.61 meters high and the total width of this lift is 150 cm. As a result, this lift is ideal for smaller spaces and is especially suitable for plate and spray work, as the car is completely free at one side.

The TyreON T27 has 8 floor mounting holes and comes with 8 heavy anchorage bolts.
The entire construction is finished in high quality.

Extendable platform, with two long telescopic swing arms

The TyreON TL27 single post lift has a wide working range. The loading platform is extendable in width allowing cars up to 1.8 meters wide to fit.
It is equipped with two long telescopic swing support arms. The two short support arms are extendable in two directions. All arms are with an adjustable screw lifting pad.
The two long lifting arms each have a handle to lock them into the desired position under the car. The same handles are used to unlock.



Techniques single post lift – 2700 kg – 2 meters lifting height

  • Maximum stability through robust construction
  • Control unit with up-button, main switch and emergency stop
  • One powerful hydraulic cylinder in the column for lifting
  • Power of the cylinder is transferred with a heavy chain.
  • Special main column structure
  • Weighted base frame
  • The loading platform is extendable for vehicles up to 1.8 meters wide
  • The 2 short support arms are telescopic in two directions
  • The 2 long swingarms are also telescopic and can be locked in different positions
  • Extra low support arms for sports cars
  • 4 round adjustable screw lifting pads (2-stage)
  • The hydraulic pump is made of aluminium and comes with a powerful engine
  • A protection device is provided in the vertical opening of the column
  • With door protection pad
  • The vehicle is completely free on one three (3) sides
  • Few space required


Safety single post lift - 2700 kg - 2 meters lifting height

  • Safe lift, CE certified and ISO 9001
  • 24 volt control unit with emergency stop, main switch, power button and light
  • The 4 support arms are with a foot protection device
  • Mechanical safety locking with security gap each 8 cm (car can not drop accidentally)
  • The mechanical locking always works because it operates by gravity
  • Manual safety unlocking by a steel wire rope
  • Super safe: The platform lowers when the steel wire rope has been pulled, only then the lowering function is active
  • Overload protection (with pressure relief valve)
  • Complies with European standards from this moment

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Price - € 2.150,-
Excluding VAT and shipping costs.

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The techniques and possibilities of the TyreON TL27 single post lift




Dimensions TyreON TL27 single post lift     Working range of the TyreON TL27 single post lift

Technical details single post lift

Lifting capacity 2700 kg    
Maximum lifting height 1920 - 2000 mm    
Width of the car  1000 - 1800 mm    
Lowest position lifting arm with screw pads 125 mm    
Lowest position lifting arm with screw pads turned up 225 mm  
Column height 2610 mm    
Length short lifting arms - adjustable 150 - 500 ( 35 cm extendable) mm    
Length long lifting arms - adjustable 600 - 950 ( 35 cm extendable) mm    
Time lifting / lowering 35 / 30 sec    
Noise level <= 60 dB at 1 meter <= 35 dB at 7 meter    
Engine power 2.2 kW    
Voltage 230 / 1 phase / 50 Hz Volt     
Fuse 16 slow or 20 Ampere    
Weight (approx.) 765 kg    
Dimensions (length x width x height) 2025 x 1500 x 2610 mm    

Delivery includes

  • The TyreON TL27 single post lift is delivered in a steel transport frame
  • 10 liter hydraulic oil
  • 8 bolts for mounting the column on the base frame
  • 8 bolts to mount the loading platfrom
  • 4 lifting screw lifting pads (2-stage)
  • 8 floor anchoring bolts
  • 4 adaptors length 70 mm
  • 4 adaptors length 150 mm

Packing dimensions 2600 x 1200 x 1150 (LxBxH/mm), Weight 800 kg
CE certificate, installation and operation Manual
1 year warranty on parts
The colomn comes with an lifting eye.