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T600C2 truck tyrechanger - 14~26 Inch, Powerful and very Compact with 2 Fast Assembly Speeds

HEAVY DUTY Truck tyrechanger for tube and tubeless tyres and rims of

  • Trucks, tractor units and trailers
  • City buses and coaches
  • Commercial vehicles and SUV

3 kW motor for a powerful and fast tire change

This compact truck tyrechnanger is simple to use with a chuck with 4 clamping arms for rims up to 26 inch.
The TyreON T600C2 tire changer for intensive use is the most powerful, compact
and quick changer that can be found in the market.
This latest model is equipped with a 3.0 kW E-engine with 2 fast rotational speeds of the chuck. You can powerfully mount and demount tyres with 7 rpm or 15 rpm.
The mounting head with disc and hinged hook can withstand prolonged and heavy use because it is precisely manufactured using by a welding robot.
In order to avoid damage or wear of the rim the mounting hook is provided with a plastic strip.


With floor slab, space saving and optimum performance with constant operating pressure

With a footprint of 1.70 x 1.35 meters and a floor slab under the entire machine to collect grease and dirt the changer can also be used in small workshops and mobile applications.
The T600C2 truck tyrechanger has a central check valve in its hydraulic system to maintain the operating pressure. With this constant operating pressure all hydraulic movements are smooth and full bodied.  It works optimally and the hydraulic pump is less burdened and that is the technical lifetime benefit.

TyreON T600C2 - Truck tyrechanger - 2 speed / 7 + 15 rpm

  • Convenient control unit with emergency-stop, joystick and foot pedal
  • With hydraulic ramp in order to move the wheel to and from the chuck
  • 4 hydraulic jaws of hardened steel for clamping and lifting of the rim
  • The mounting arm is displaceable and to lock by hand in 3 positions and is hydraulically movable with the sliding carriage
  • The mounting head can be rotated manually and locks itself
  • With a powerful 2-speed 3.0 kW motor for anticlockwise and clockwise rotation of the chuck
  • With a aluminium gear pump of top quality (Bucher-hydraulics-Italy)
  • Reliable machine, ISO 9001 and CE certified
  • With floor anchoring holes, ready for use upon purchase, Plug-and-Go!


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Price - € 3.950,-
Excluding VAT and shipping costs.

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The techniques and possibilities of the TyreON T600C2






Technical details

T600C2 (400V)

For rims with size 14 - 26 Inch A  
Maximum wheel diameter 160 cm D  
Maximum width of the wheel 78 cm C  
Maximum wheel weight 500 kg    
Maximum clamping capacity 27 Inch / 70 cm      
Minimum clamping capacity   (chuck in closed position) 11 cm B  
Bead breaker force 3000 kg / 29.418 kN   F  
Operating pressure   (hydraulic) 200 Bar    
Performance hydraulic pump motor 2.2 kW F  
Performance gear motor   (electric rotation of the chuck) 2.4 - 3.0 kW E  
Mounting speed - rotation of the chuck - clockwise and anticlockwise 2 speed    
Rotations per minute of the chuck 7 - 15 rpm    
Number of automated movements by controller 8 movements    
Operating voltage of the controller 24 Volt (DC)    
Number of positions of the mounting arm on the sliding carriage 3 positions    
Weight 600 kg    
Noise level <=70 dB    
Rotating chuck with 4 self centering clamping arms      
Second gear for high speed of all hydraulic movements  (2nd foot pedal) -      
With wireless remote controller as standard accessory -      
Voltage   (other voltages upon request) 400 Volt  
Phase 3 phase(s)    
Frequency   (60 Hz upon request) 50 Hz    
Fuse   (recommended) 16 Ampere    
Footprint   (length x width) 1700 x 1350 mm    


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Delivery includes

  • TyreON T600C2 with tool cabinet, power cabinet, main switch and plug
  • 24 volt controller
  • Set of 4 aluminium rim protectors
  • Wedge clamp, grease gun, lubricant, brush, two tire levers and set of plastic strips
  • Installation and operation manual
  • CE certificate and technical drawing with part numbers
  • The truck tyrechnanger is ready for operation at delivery and therefore filled with hydraulic oil
  • Packed in strong wooden crate on pallet, 670 Kg dimensions 183 x 148 x 109 (LxWxH/cm)
  • 1 year warranty on all parts