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TPH60T-4 air-hydraulic jack 60T - Four-stage 15 cm - 51.3 cm lift height and long reach - For intensive commercial use!

Pneumatic hydraulic jack with 4 heavy-duty pistons rated for a maximum of 60 Tons.
This four-stage 60T-40T-22T-11T longfloor jack can be used for safely lifting, trailers, heavy trucks, buses, construction vehicles and agricultural vehicles.
With a minimum height of just 15 cm, almost every lifting point is accessible. This allows an entire range of vehicles to be jacked up.
With a maximum jacking height over 51 cm, vehicles with high axles can be raised.

This hydraulic jack requires compressed air from an air compressor to lift heavy loads up to 60 Tonne.
TyreON jacks are easy to operate and are featured with divers safety options as dead man’s joystick which also aids controlled lowering speed.

Technology - Quality - Pneumatic hydraulic jack

  • Quality jack with two large rubber wheels and a long handle with soft rubber grips
  • First-class powder coating on entire construction, attractive and functional
  • Minimum jacking height 15 cm and a narrow profile
  • Operates with reliable hold-to-run joystick
  • Shortcut for quick (de)coupling of the air hose
  • The jack can be moved, manoeuvred, raised and dropped using the handle
  • The handle can be locked in 3 positions;  45º-90º-180º
  • The TPH60T-4 has a 222.5 cm long reach
  • Increased load stability with wide base
  • The robust chassis is made from 4.5 mm steel plate and provides ultimate protection of the internal parts
  • Internal and external hard-chrome cylinders resistant to wear and corrosion
  • Each cylinder is fitted with two seals to prevent any oil loss
  • Fast lifting by means of pneumatic high-pressure pump
  • 2 hooks on the side of the chassis for the extensions
  • A hinged clamp on the chassis
  • Screw cap on the chassis for easy oil change
  • Comes with 2 extensions to close gap between the saddle of the jack and the jacking point

Pneumatic hydraulic jack intended for frequent commercial use

TyreON pneumatic hydraulic jacks are used by garages, workshops, tire services and trade, fleet owners, truck dealers, truck maintenance and (mobile) services, transport companies and the agricultural, heavy machinery and groundwork sectors.

Heavy Duty
The durable heavy duty jacks are designed and made for intensive professional use.
With the sturdy construction and the application of very thick sheet steel, the TPH60T-4 is highly resilient.
Thanks to the process control, the applied technologies and quality materials, these truck jacks have a long lifespan.

With dead man's operation
When the hold-to-run joystick is released, the workshop jack turns off and stops immediately.
This dead man's operation promotes safe working.

Application under all circumstances
The workshop jack can be used both indoors and outdoors under severe conditions and is also safe to use on a surface that is slightly inclined.
Metal shrinks or expands with variations of temperature. A TyreON workshop jack will not fail at extremely low or high temperatures.

Factory Test - Quality Centre
During each step of the production process, the Quality Centre critically examines quality and performs process control.
For example, the workshop jack was tested at -25 °C to + 45 °C and static and dynamic off-centre load tests were conducted to ensure safe operation.

CE approved, meets all current requirements;
EN 12100:2010 Safety of Machinery + EN 1494:2000+A1:2008 Mobile or Move-able Jacks

Functionality - Pneumatic hydraulic jack

Overpressure valve
An overpressure valve prevents damage from excessive loads.

Fast lift to jacking point
The TyreON TPH60T-4 is fitted with a system that allows the lifting cylinders to be raised to the jacking point quickly and then also to be dropped rapidly once without load.

Locked position and lift evenly
The non-return valves guarantee a locked position for loads at any height and a controlled even high lift rate under load.

Equalized descent
A reduction valve ensures equalized and smooth descent, even with the heaviest of loads.

Oil circulation
As the hose, cylinder and oil reservoir are interlinked, the oil circulates and cannot be released, even if the jack should be positioned on its side.


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The techniques and possibilities of the TyreON TPH60T-4 pneumatic hydraulic jack




  TyreON TPH60T-4 lucht hydraulische werkplaatskrik  


Technical information TPH60T-4

Pneumatic hydraulic jack

Maximum capacity  60 Tonne      
Weight per stage - number of stages 60T - 30T - 22T - 11T 4-stage jack    
Minimum height  150 mm    
Lifting height 393 mm    
Maximum height with 2 extensions 513 mm    
Size of the 2 extensions  75 + 45 mm    
Stage 1   60T 57 mm    
Stage 2   30T 60 mm    
Stage 3   22T 61 mm    
Stage 4   11T 65 mm    
Total stroke 243 mm    
Weight 66 kg    
Width of the base - profile 223 mm    
Width including wheels 280 mm    
Chassis length 970 mm    
Length of the bar 1420 mm    
Total length of the floor jack 2250 mm    
Required air pressure 9-12  (0.9-1.2) Bar  (Mpa)    
Air consumption 300         Litre/minute    

Ordering pneumatic hydraulic jacks

Order online - Supply from stock
The TyreON TPH60T-4 can be ordered online in our web shop and will be delivered within a few days.

Final test
Every pneumatic hydraulic jack is fully tested at the factory before being packed along with its documentation, ready for dispatch!

Warranty and TyreCARE
The extra low garage jacks are delivered with a one year warranty.
TyreCARE means that even after the warranty period expires, we stand ready to assist you with technical support and information.

Included in your order
  • TPH60T-4 pneumatic hydraulic jack with wheels and handle
  • Pre-filled with hydraulic fluid
  • 45 mm and 75 mm extension attachments
  • CE certificate and instructions for use
  • Packing weight is 70 kg, dimensions are L 140 x W 25 x H 30 cm

4 models pneumatic hydraulic jacks available from stock

Capacity 30 Ton - Height  15 - 40.9 cm - Portable (24 kg)
TyreON TPH30T-2 Portable air hydraulic jack

Capacity 40 Ton - Height  12.5 - 40.4 cm
TyreON TPH40T-3 Air operated hydraulic jack

Capacity 60 Ton - Height  15 - 44.7 cm
TyreON TPH60T-3 Air hydraulic floor jack

Capacity 60 Ton - Height  15 - 51.3 cm
TyreON TPH60T-4 Pneumatic hydraulic jack

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