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TSC500 motorcycle lift - Bikes up to 500 kg, with rear drop panel, pneumatic wheel clamp, height 120 cm.

ALL ROUND – Professional motorcycle lifting table suitable for

  • Motorbikes and motorcycles
  • Scooters and mopeds
  • Motorised bicycles


Compact built-in 230V hydraulic pomp, ramp slides underneath

A motorcycle lift table provides a very comfortable working height.
TyreON makes now the first step in high performance, electric-hydraulic bike lifts.
Along with a 1.2 meter maximum raised height and a 500 kg capacity, the TyreON TSC500 features a hand held remote control and a built-in, 230 V, frame mounted hydraulic pump.
This does away with pump stands and excess hose, keeping your service bays clear of extraneous clutter.

The TyreON TSC500 is a well built motorcycle lift and operates at 230 Volt/0.75 kW which makes it ideal for any professional or home workshop. The lift table is very stable, features solid fail-safe locks.

The 247.5 cm x 71.5 cm deck dimensions are making it suitable for small and large motorcycles and all other bikes up to 500 kg.The built-in hydraulic pomp is located underneath the table for safety reasons, with advantaged great freedom of movement. This motorcycle lift's ramp slides automatically away under the bridge to a large extent during lift.

Paddle for the pneumatic wheel clamp and additional air valve

The foot paddle controls the heavy duty pneumatic wheel clamp and secures the front or back wheel after which you can lift directly.The lift table includes a standard drop out rear section of 35 cm wide and 56 cm long to allow easy removal of the wheel. Air tools can be used due to an additional air valve.

TyreON TSC500 – Motorcycle lift - Fully Automatic

  • Solid construction.
  • Built-in 230V hydraulic pomp. 
  • Wired hand held remote control equipped with a magnet.
  • Smooth and silent going up and down with a powerful hydraulic lift cylinder.
  • Strong pneumatic wheel clamp with a wide working range.
  • Anti-slip profile on both the ramp as well as the lift table.
  • With a rear drop panel for dis assembly of the wheel.
  • The ramp easily slides for 50 % beneath the table during lift.
  • Comes with an air valve for air tools.
  • The durable powder coated surface is both functional and attractive.
  • Easy movement because of the four wheels including parking position.
  • 95% assembled, easy to install, to move around and operate, Plug and Go!


  • Reliable and safe motorcycle lift table, manufactured according to ISO 9001 with CE certificate.
  • Automatic height safety at 1.2 meters.
  • Automatic locking system every 4 cm.
  • With a spin button on the remote control, which first have to be turned and ensures the up and down buttons to work.
  • Several slots on each side of the platform for tie down support.
  • The motorcycle lift can be anchored to the floor.
  • Quality, features and safety virtually guaranteed years of trouble free-performance from your new motorcycle lift.

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Price - € 1.200,-
Excluding VAT and shipping costs.

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The techniques of the TyreON TSC500 motorcycle lift





Technical details

Lifting capacity 500 kg    
Lifting height 120 cm    
Minimum height 20 cm    
Length of the table 248 cm    
Width of the table 71,5 cm    
Size of the rear drop panel (L x W) 56 x 35 cm    
Length of the ramp 70 cm    
Duration lifting / lowering 20 / 20 sec.    
Adjustable lifting power / lowering speed ✓ / -      
Mechanical safety lock       
Unlocking of security lock automatic      
Height protection (auto-stop)      
Wheelclamp pneumatic      
Operation lifting table  hand held remote control      
Operation wheel clamp foot pedal      
Type of ramp slides for 50 % under the table      
Number of foldable panels 1      
Number of removable panels  -      
Position hydraulic pomp-unit under the table       
On-floor / In-floor  ✓ / -      
Air connection for pneumatic tools      
Anti-slip profile on ramp / on table ✓ / ✓      
Slots for tie down support       
Standard supplied with motor jack -      
Standard supplied with wheel stopper  -      

Additional information

Voltage / Phase  / Frequency 230 / 1 / 50  Volt / phase(s) / Hz    
Power electric engine 0,75 kW    
Circuit protectionm (fuse) 10 Ampère    
Required air pressure (air compressor) 6 - 8 bar    
Weight 300  kg    
Required floorspace 248 x 72 cm  (excl. ramp of 50 cm)    

Delivery includes

  • TyreON TSC500 motorcycle lift table with ramp, pneumatic wheel clamp and remote control
  • Assembled wheels allow for direct and extra mobility
  • Filled with hydraulic oil
  • Installation and operation manual
  • CE certificate
  • Packaged on pallet ' 310 kg and 250 x 78 x 35 (LxWxH/cm) and crate with wheel clamp ' 20 kg and 60.5 x 38.5 x 43 (LxWxH/cm)