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ASM0502H motorcycle lifting table with front wheel chock and foot pump

Capacity 700 kg
Lifting height 16 - 120 cm
Table LxW 222 (250) x 73 cm
Drive Foot pump hydraulic
Up + down By foot pedal
Unlocking By foot
No air required
Extendable ramp
Rearwheel panel W=48 cm
Professional electric motorcycle lift, for heavy and light motorbikes, motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and mopeds up to 700 kg.

The platform can be extended to 250 cm using the front wheel chock.
A real asset, equipped with many safety options and well known for the extendable ramp.

The TyreON ASM0502H is identical to the ASM0703H, but comes with a hydraulic foot pump.

Front wheel chock and hydraulic foot pump

  • Reliable, powerful, CE certified
  • The table is equipped with a ladder chassis
  • Heavy cylinder and foot pump with a long strokeM
  • Many safety features and 1 year warranty
  • Solidly constructed and with eyes to lash the motorcycle
  • Powder coated, with hydraulic oil and tested before packaging
  • Easy to use and install
  • Pre-drilled with anchoring holes

Hydraulic foot pump

The capacity of hydraulic jack with foot control is 700 kg.
The oil reservoirs capacity is 1.3 liters and the foot pump generates a 130 Bar working pressure.
The plunger with a diameter of 2.2 cm is set in motion by the extended foot pedal.
As a result, the motorcycle lifting table reaches the highest point smoothly with just a few strokes. With a second foot pedal for controlled lowering.

  • Dimensions  L59 x B18 x H11 cm - 12 kg
  • Pedal height  40 cm

TyreON ASM0502H 

Many safety features as standard

  • Mechanical safety lock on every 6 cm
  • Check valve in the hydraulic pump
  • Hose rupture protection
  • Adjustable eyes for hooking lashing straps
  • Auto-stop at 120 cm
  • TyreCARE - Support and parts are available anytime
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TyreON ASM0502H



Lifting capacity  700 kg    
Drive on height - Lifting height 16 - 120 cm    
Platform (L x W) 222,3 x 73,3   L=max. 250 cm  with wheel chock cm    
Panel (L x W) 53,5 x 48 cm    
Length of the ramp 40 cm    
Unlocking the safety lock by foot pedal      
Lifting and lowering by foot pump        
Type of ramp extendable      
Wheel clamp front wheel chock and manual clamp      
On-floor / In-floor  ✓ / ✓      
Mechanical safety lock      
Auto-stop at 120 cm      
Rear wheel panel foldable / removable ✓ / ✓      
Non-slip profile on ramp / table ✓ / ✓  (diamond plate for motorcycle stands)      
Length of hydraulic hose 250 cm      
Power connection No power and no pressed air required      
Weight of the motorcycle lifting table 275 kg    
Package L230 x B75 x H30 cm - 285 kg      
Controller L60 x B19 x H12 cm - 13 kg      

In stock
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

The delivery

The TyreON ASM0502H motorcycle lifting table is tested for all functions in our factory before it is packed with the;

  • Hydraulic foot pump (with hydraulic hose connection)
  • The foldable + removable panel including the ramp
  • Front wheel chock and a manual clamp
  • Wheel stopper and 2 adjustable lashing eyes
  • Installation and user's manual
  • Hydraulic oil (5 Liters hv-iso-32 is included)

Temporary: You will receive a detachable side support for motorbikes with side stand.