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T600C3 truck tire changer - 26 Inch - super singles - wide base tires - fully automatic - power 2.2kW+2.2kW

Rims 13 - 26 Inch
Wheels up to 550 kg - Ø 140 cm - 78 cm ↔
Mounting speed 1-speed | 9 rpm
Bead breaker force 3500 kg / 34.355 kN
Operation Electric Hydraulic
Gear motor-chuck 2.2 kW
Hydraulic pump 2.2 kW
Model Compact
Hydraulic extendable mountingarm
2nd speed for hydraulic movements
Mounting arm + chuck perfectly tangent
2 carriages - horizontal movement of both the chuck and mounting arm
Joystick and foot operated control
In wooden box L160 x W145 x H97 cm - 880 kg
Voltage 400V (no compressed air required)
Including Free accessoires
The fully automated all-round T600C3 is designed for extremely difficult tires such as Michelin super singles (MICHELIN® X One Tires) and other stiff wide based tires up to 26 inches.
With a 2nd gear for the hydraulic movements and a tubeless mounting head.

Two hydraulic cylinders for horizontal movements of both the mounting arm and the chuck generate 3500 kg bead pressing force.
The 4 jaws have been shortened to increase clamping force and torque.

Fast and precise (de)mounting with choice for joystick or foot controlled chuck rotation.
The heavy duty extendable mounting arm is hydraulically retractable and extendable.

For workshops where many stiff tires have to be changed quickly and without damage every day.

TyreON T600C3

The TyreON T600C3 comes with a large floorplate. 

  • The wheel can be rolled to any position on the floor plate
  • Joystick for horizontal chuck movement to the wheel to grab the rim and lift the heavy wheel
  • Wide tires on heavy rims can be easily disassembled without a hydraulical moving ramp

For intensive use - without damage to rims or tyres

  • Reliable and very powerful 
  • CE-certified and 1 year warranty on all parts
  • Best material and workmanship
  • Including Bosch Rexroth Hydraulics - Market leader in innovative propulsion
  • Supplied with hydraulic oil and fully tested before packing
  • Comes with accessories to change tires directly
  • Solid construction, finished with powder coating
  • Very strong clamping and bead breaking force
  • Ready for use upon reception, easy to unbox and install
  • With lifting points and floor anchoring holes
  • With main switch
  • Special attachment points for lifting and moving the truck tire changer
  • No compressed air required!

Mounting arm and chuck always in one line 

The mounting arm makes a co-ordinated movement with the chuck and always keep the wheel and the mounting head perfectly tangent, or in one line, in all situations.
There is no opposing friction between the mounting head and the cheek of the tire.

Fast and efficient - Chuckarm + mounting arm move simultaneously

The controller allows to move simultaneously both the chuckarm and the mountingarm from and towards each other. It speeds up work, contributes to the 3500 kg bead breaking force and makes it easier to change tyres up to 78 cm wide.

Fully automated - Extendable mounting arm

The controller enables the automatic switching of the mounting arm from one side of the tyre to the other side of the tyre.
All functions, from the hydraulic clamping, the electric rotation of the wheel up to the telescopic movement of the mounting arm, are automated. 

Standard safety features

Pressure relief valve set at 160 bar ± 10% .
This limits the pressure in the hydraulic line and ensures proper and safe operation of the plant.

Pump motor overload cut-off 
This cut prevents the motor from burning out if it overheats.

Check valve on the chuck arm lifting hydraulic line
Prevents the chuck arm from descending when any accidental break occurs in the hydraulic line.

Chuck block valve
Prevents the wheel from falling from the chuck if the hydraulic line is accidentally broken.

26 Inch truck tyrechanger for hard tyres  - unique features

  • 24V controller with and joysticks for precise adjustment
  • Additional foot controller for chuck operation
  • Powerful 2.2 kW electric motor for the clockwise and counterclockwise rotation of the chuck
  • 2.2  kW hydraulic aluminum gear pump
  • Chuck with 4 hydraulic clamping arms of hardened steel for clamping and lifting the wheel
  • The hydraulic chuckarm moves horizontally in both directions
  • The mounting arm on the hydraulic sliding carriage moves horizontally in both directions
  • The hydraulic extendable mounting arm moves hydraulically in and out
Available from stock
26 Inch - super singles
€5.750,- €6.950,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs
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The techniques and possibilities of the TyreON T600C3

TyreON T1000    


Technical details

T600C3 (400V)

For rims with size 13 - 26 Inch A  
Maximum wheel diameter 140 cm D  
Maximum width of the wheel 78 cm C  
Maximum wheel weight 550 kg    
Clamping range 11  -  60 cm (24 Inch)      
Bead breaker force 3500 kg /  34.355 kN   F  
Operating pressure - hydraulic standard / max.  130 / 175 Bar    
Performance hydraulic pump motor 2.2 kW 1450 rpm F  
Performance gear motor - electric rotation of the chuck 2.2 kW   E  
Mounting speed - rotation of the chuck - clockwise and anticlockwise 1 - 9 rpm speed    
Number of automated movements by controller 16 movements    
Operating voltage of the controller 24 Volt (DC)    
Number of positions of the mounting arm on the sliding carriage 1 (stepless) positions    
Weight 800 kg    
Noise level 65 - 85  dBA    
Rotating chuck with 4 self centering clamping arms      
Non return valve - continuous oil-pressure      
Grease nipples      
2nd speed for all hydraulic movements (adjustable)      
Voltage  400V - 3Ph - 50Hz     
Fuse C16A - 20A      
Footprint (length x width - cm) (approx.) 160 x 160      

Available from stock
26 Inch - super singles
€5.750,- €6.950,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

Floor plate under the machine

With a floor plate under the entire machine to collect grease and dirt.
This very powerful truck tyre changer comes with a central check valve in its hydraulic system to maintain the operating pressure.
The hinged parts are fitted with grease nipples, the truck tyre changer is working well and wear and tear is prevented.


All functions of the TyreON T600C3 heavy duty truck tyrechanger are tested carefully before the machine is packed in a sturdy wooden box with:

  • The handheld controller and the foot operated controller
  • A rim clamp
  • Tire lever (2)
  • Additional mounting head with disc and hook
  • The installation and operating manual
  • Hydraulic oil (20L hv-iso-32 is included)