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TB120 Truck wheel balancer

Rim diameter 10 - 32 Inch
Wheels 150 kg - Ø 120 cm
Wheel lift 150 kg - 40,5 cm
Balancing modes Static and dynamic
Programs 8 - Steel and aluminium
Automatic brake
Brake pedal
Delivery includes Cones for trucks
Packed in wooden crate L125 x W96 x H112 cm - 320 kg
Voltage 230V
Multifunctional truck wheel balancer for all types of steel and aluminium rims and tires of

  • Trucks, tractor units and trailers, city buses and commercial vehicles
  • Vans, passenger cars and SUV

This truck wheel balancer is ideal for both professional truck garages and small workshops.

Truck wheel balancer - 8 balancing programs + wheel lift


  • With a powerful pneumatic wheel lift for tyres up to 150 kg
  • ISO 9001 - CE certification - 1 year warranty on all parts
  • A set of accessories for truck wheel balancing is included
  • Solid construction, finished with powder coating
  • Easy to install and to operate - comes with cord and plug

Balancing programs for trucks
  • Steel dynamic and static modes, ALU 2, ALU 3

Balancing programs for passenger cars - commercial vehicles - motorcycles
  • Steel dynamic and static modes, ALU 1, ALU 2, ALU 3

TyreON TB120 truck wheel balancing machine

  • Quick, easy to operate, with very accurate microprocessor
  • Large double LED display and 8 balancing programs
  • Manual rim data entry, display can be set in Inch - mm and gram
  • Automatic minimization of the imbalance value
  • Start and stop buttons on the control panel
  • Fine-button to check the imbalance in steps of 5 grams
  • Brake pedal for precise positioning of the wheel weight
  • Auto-start when lowering the protective hood / automatic brake when raising it 
  • Self diagnosis (no need for a specialized technician)
  • Self calibration (calibration performed by the user)
  • Thick steel sheet machine body, very stable while reading imbalance
  • Anchoring holes


Truck wheel balancer with pneumatic wheel-lift

This truck tire balancing machine of TyreON with the 150 kg wheel-lift is made for professional intensive use.
The TyreON TB120 has a long service life due to the construction of thick sheet steel, the quality materials and applied techniques.
 The TB120 has been manufactured by us for 10 years and in that decade the quality and performance have been adapted to the requirements of the users. The result is a very user-friendly balancing machine of top quality.

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€1.550,- €1.800,-
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The techniques and possibilities of the TyreON TB120

TyreON TB120    


Technical details

Rim diameter 10 - 32  /  (25,5 - 81) Inch / cm    
Maximum width of the wheel or rim 5.5 - 20  /  (14 - 51) Inch / cm    
Maximum diameter of the wheel or rim 120 cm    
Maximum weight of the wheel 150 kg    
Shaft diameter 40 mm    
Pneumatic wheel-lift 10,5 - 40,5 cm    


Balancing programs 8 - steel and aluminium      
Rapid static optimization (OPT) (twist the tire on the rim)      
Integrated distance measurement per ruler      
Display  (gram - Inch - mm) Double LED-display      
Rotation speed Truck 200  |  Car 150  rpm    
Testing time Truck 10 - 15  Truck  |   Car 5 - 7 sec    
Balancing precision Truck +/-50  |  Car  +/-10 gr    
Automatic brake      
Hood down = start  / Hood up = brake      



Other information

Required air pressure for the wheel-lift 8 - 10 Bar Bar    
Voltage 230 / 1 / 50 Volt / Fase / Hz    
Motor power 0.55 kW    
Fuse 6 Ampère    
Noise level <= 70 dB    
Weight 295 Kg    
Required floor area (LxWxH) 2010x820 mm    

Available from stock
€1.550,- €1.800,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

Delivery includes

  • TyreON TB120 truck wheel balancer with digital display and main switch
  • Pneumatic wheel-lift
  • Wheel protection hood
  • Wheel width caliper - wheel weight pliers
  • Calibration weight for truck wheels + set of balancing weights
  • Operation manual

  • For truck wheels
  • Heavy duty steel wing nut
  • Adapter for the wingnut
  • Set of cones up to 284 mm
  • Spacer

Accessories available for this truck tire balancing machine