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TL42EC clear floor 2 column lift

  • All models cars - L1 and L2
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2 column hydraulic lift - iItensive professional use - for all models cars - L1 and L2

The TyreON TL42EC is designed for professional use and features auto-release of the safeties and autolock + unlock of the support arms. Two cables for synchronized lifting ensure all 4 arms to go up and down exactly at the same time. Due to the robust construction and convenient operation, this clear floor 2 column lift is suitable for intensive use. The lift stops automatically when the vehicle reaches the bar at 3.9 meters height.

Heavy version

  • Anchor plates of 1.5 cm thick sheet steel
  • Solid construction of the columns on the anchoring plates
  • Support columns made of heavy steel
  • Rigid steel profile to connect the tops of the columns
  • Durable 1.5 cm thick sheet steel designed bearing yokes for the support arms
  • 4 solid support arms
  • A silent aluminium air cooled motor unit for long-term use
  • A sturdy hydraulic oil steel tank
  • Own weight of 800 kg

Asymmetrical support arms
The four support arms are extendable and are coming with adjustable rubber pads.
For a proper load distribution and good accessibility of the car, the front arms are shorter than the rear arms.

Autolock + unlock of the support arms
When raising the lift, the arms are automatically locked in their position under the car.
After lowering, when the lift reaches the lowest point, the arms are automatically unlocked and can be pushed away.

Fully automatic through control unit with push buttons and parking function
The clear floor 2 column lift has a mechanical safety lock which always functions due to the gravity.
The control unit with up and down buttons is positioned on the left column. The down button unlocks the safety locks before the descend. With the lock button you can freeze the lift mechanically with load. This parking feature allows to park a car indefinitely at height and to park a second car underneath.


Clear floor 2 column lift - 4.2 T - fully automatic - 3.9 m


  • Finished with quality powder coating
  • Telescopic support arms
  • 7 cm adjustable rubber pads + 4 extra 8 cm adapters
  • Asymmetrical support arms
  • Two columns, each with a hydraulic cylinder
  • Good quality hydraulic pump (aluminium)
  • Good quality cooled aluminium motor on the clear floor 2 post lift
  • Support arms in flat design for sports cars
  • Door protection rubbers


Clear floor 2 column lift - 4.2 T - fully automatic - 3.9 m

  • Automatic mechanical safety locks at different heights
  • Auto-safety lock-release - The down button also unlocks the safety locks
  • Limited to 3.9 meters if the vehicle is too high
  • Limit height switch for lifting height at 1.9 m
  • The 4 lifting arms are automatically locked during lifting and automatically released at the lowest setting
  • Foot protection on each arm of the clear floor 2 post lift
  • Parking function -  A car parked at height + 2nd car underneath
  • Oil pressure pre-setting - Prevents damage due to lifting of too heavy loads
  • Cabled synchronization - 4 arms always equally up + down
  • 24 V control unit and electric circuit on the clear floor 2 post lift
  • Main switch on control unit
  • CE approved, meets EN1493 safety standard

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The techniques and possibilities of the TyreON TL42EC clear floor 2 column lift


Technichal data clear floor 2 column lift

Lifting capacity of the hydraulic system 4200 kg    
Maximum lifting height 1900 - 2050 mm    
Lowest position lifting arm  60 mm    
Lowest position lifting arm with pad 95 mm    
Room between columns 2820 mm  
Highest point 3900 mm    
Length short lifting arms - adjustable 600 - 1160 mm    
Length long lifting arms - adjustable 880 - 1410 mm    
Total width 3418 mm    
Time lifting / lowering 45 / 30 sec    
Noise level <= 70 dB op 1 meter <= 45 dB at 7 m    
Engine power 2.2 kW    
Voltage 400 / 3 phases  / 50 Hz Volt    
Fuse 16 - 20 Ampere    
Weight 800 kg    

In stock
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

Delivery clear floor 2 column lift

  • Clear floor 2 column lift with aluminium motor
  • 2 support columns
  • Steel profile to connect the tops of the columns
  • 24 Volts control panel with main switch
  • 4 support arms + 4 adjustable pads + 4 adapters (each 8 cm)
  • Two large door protective rubbers
  • Floor fitting anchors + installation materials
  • Manual for operation and installation + CE certificate
  • 15 liters of hydraulic oil is included
  • Packed in steel transport frame, total weight 875 KG / 290x53x100 cm

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