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All truck tyre mounting accessories

Set of 4 Chuck extensions - 56 Inch
Set of 4 ALU clamping jaws
Tubeless rollers (De)mounting many tubeless tyres - fast
Mounting clamps Steel and ALU truck rims
Balancing centering flanges Reduce clamping errors - precise balancing
Set of 4 Clamping rings for ALU rims

TyreON T56E4 - 56 Inch chuck extensions

To enlarge the clamping capacity of the chuck of truck tire changers.
The length of one extension is 20 cm / 8 inch.
With 4 extensions the capacity can be increased by 40 cm / 16 inch.
Available for TyreON T700S / T700.
 350,- excl. VAT   (1 set = 4 pieces)



Set of 4 aluminium clamping jaws for truck tires
For damage free mounting of all models of aluminium rims of truck tyres, like alcoa.
Suitable for TyreON T600 / T600C2 / T650M2 / T700S / T700 and clamping arms of other brands.
 195,- excl. VAT   (1 set = 4 pieces)

TyreON TRP ALU4M, suitable for TyreON T650M2 / T650M / T600C1 / T600C3  € 275,- excl. VAT   (1 set = 4 pieces)

Bead breaking rollers - Tubeless rollers

If you (de)mount many tubeless tyres, you can save time and effort with this roller
With this special mountinghead the manual rotation of the mounting disc is past tense.
It can break both beads of the tyre whithout having to rotate the mountinghead with disc and hook. 

TyreON TLR61 -  395,- excl. VAT
For TyreON T600 / T600C2 / T650M2 / T700S / T700 and other mounting arms with 61 mm shaft-hole.

TyreON TLR71 -  495,- excl. VAT
For TyreON T1000 / T2000 and other mounting arms with 71 mm shaft-hole.

TyreON TB-CF - Set of centering flanges

For precision balancing of truck wheels with diferent truck rims
To reduce clamping errors and to enable a high level of accuracy.
Suitable for TyreON TB120 / TB200 and truck wheel balancers of other brands.
Set: 1 x 4-point centring flange, 1 x 5-point centring flange + round centring flange + fasteners.
€ 450,- excl. VAT

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Mounting clamps - Rim clamps

Indispensable tools

TyreON TRP ALU1 -  150,- excl. VAT

To prevent scratches on aluminium rims, the TyreON mounting clamp has a plastic inlay.
Suitable for steel and aluminum truck rims.

TyreON TRP STEEL -  95,- excl. VAT
Suitable for all types of steel rims of trucks, agricultural vehicles and earth-moving equipment.

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TyreON TRP ALU4R - Clamping rings ALU rims 

For a damage free assembly of truck tires on aluminum rims.

The ring is placed in the axle hole of the rim, after which the chuck clamps, lifts and rotate the rim.
Due to the uniform clamping force between the ring and rim, no damage is caused by pressure points.
The ring has a cut so the ring moves along with the protruding clamping movement of the chuck.
A clamping ring is made of high-grade steel, and after use it returns to its original position to remove.

  • Four clamping rings with diameter Ø 280 - Ø 221 - Ø 200 - Ø175 mm
  • Suitable for all kind aluminium rims
  •  450,- excl. VAT   (1 set = 4 rings)