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TSC2800E electric scissor lift

  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Delivery vans
  • Passenger cars
  • Sports and luxury cars
  • Classic cars

€ 1.300,- excl. VAT
Works amazingly well, smooth and solid.
The car can be lifted both lengthwise and widthwise.
Equipped with an electronic release, so no compressor required.
Compact, fits in small spaces.
Electric-hydraulic car lift for bodywork, repairs, professional cleaning, garages, hobby, lettering and so on.

ALL ROUND - wheelless car lift suitable for:

  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Delivery vans
  • Passenger cars
  • Sports and luxury cars
  • Classic cars

Minimal height 12 centimetres, 1 metre wide and work on unobstructed side members

The TyreON TSC2800E can be moved easily by hand and can be used wherever you need it, indoors and outdoors.
With a width of just 1.03 metres, even the smallest cars can easily drive over the lift. The wheels stay on the floor and the lift will be under the vehicle. Even if the car is unable to drive, the scissor lift can be placed under the car by a single person.

The lift tables are equipped with sliding and swivelling support arms so you can adjust the lift to the chassis.
The rubber lift pads can be placed anywhere on the arms. That gives the TyreON TSC2800E significant range, making it suitable for everything from a Fiat 500 to larger cars and light commercial vehicles up to 2800 kg.

An advantage of the TSC2800E mobile car scissor lift is that the side members are unobstructed and easily accessible. That means that this car lift is also suitable for work on sills and for professional car cleaning.


Unique car bridge with steel bearings and adjustable lowering speed.

The TyreON TSC2800E is the newest model, equipped with two wide steel floor bearings that move smoothly across the ground. In practice this powerful scissor lift has proven that is has no problems with surface imperfections. The other two bearings move along guide rails on the underside of the lift tables. You can adjust the lowering speed with an Allen key on the control unit.

TyreON TSC2800E - Fully automated, wheelless with electrical release.

  • Compact mobile car scissor lift with a lifting capacity of 2.8 tonnes and a weight of 455 kg
  • Heavy, solid construction and lift tables with support arms made of 2.5 cm layered steel plates
  • 24V control unit with master switch and push buttons
  • With a 2.2 kW motor and two powerful hydraulic cylinders
  • Minimal height 12 cm and automatic height safety at 125 cm
  • With hard steel bearings and adjustable lowering speed
  • Can be placed freely on any flat, hard surface
  • The control unit is wheeled and equipped with a tow bar to move the lift (lever it up to move the lift)
  • The lift has a tow or lifting eye
  • 95% pre-assembled, easy to place and install yourself, plug-and-go!

Safety TSC2800E mobile car scissor lift

Solid, powerful machine, constructed to ISO 9001 standard with CE certificate.
Mechanical safety lock at multiple elevations.
With lock function to lock the car lift in place and take the strain of the hydraulic system.
Electrical release of the safety lock (no air supply required).
Mechanical synchronisation, the tables always move up and down together.
Extra safe, electrical circuit 24V on the car lift and for all control functions.
Aluminium motor with cooling fins and fan against overheating.
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The techniques and possibilities of the TyreON TSC2800E Mobile car scissor lift





Technical details

Lifting capacity 2800 kg    
Maximum lifting height 1250 until 1425 mm    
Minimum lifting height 120 mm   (100 mm zonder draagarmen)
Lifting time / lowering time 30 / 15 sec   (at 1500 kg)
Standard length of the lifting tables 1685 mm    
Variable platform length of the car lift 660 - 1850 mm   (with support arms, fig 2)
Standard width of the car lift 1030 mm    
Variable platform with of the car lift 1030 - 1880 mm   (with support arms, fig 2)
Space between lift tables 700 mm    

Additional information

Type Electric - hydraulic      
Engine power 2.2 kW    
Required airpressure No air required ! Bar      
Voltage (single phase) 230 Volt    
Phase 1      
Frequency 50 Hz    
Fuse rating 16 C Ampere    
Noise level <= 65 dB    
Weight of the car lift 455 kg   (excl. control unit)
Weight of the control unit 45 kg    
Required floor space 2275 x 1030 mm   Length x width
Required floor space (for floor installation) 2210 x 1030 mm   Length x Width (no tow eye)

In stock
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

Delivery includes:

  • TyreON TSC2800E mobile car scissor lift with 4 support arms and a control unit
  • Extensive set of rubber lifting pads and adapters
  • Installation and operation manual
  • CE certificate with technical drawing with part specification
  • Packaged on a 475 kg and 230 x 105 x 23 (LxWxH/cm) pallet with the control unit in a box weighing 50 kg and measuring 117 x 45 x 51 (LxWxH/cm)
  • 1 year warranty on all parts