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TSC3000E mobile car scissor lift with electrical release - 230V

Capacity 3000 kg - Mobile
Lifting height 11 - 106 cm
Platform length 140 - 204 cm
Drive 2.2 kW Electric - Hydraulic
Type Fully automatic
Mechanically locked every 5 cm
Electrically unlocked - direct drop
No air required
CE Auto-stop at 25 cm
Hand pump - also lowering if power failure
Broken hose protection
Delivery includes Wheelset + 4 rubber blocks
Package L180 x B155 x H80 cm - 650 kg
Promo - For free Hand pump - lowering if power failure
Promo - For free Wheelset + 4 rubber blocks
Voltage 230V
Order the TSC3000E and get for free:
  • Hand pump - lower if power failure - (€125)
  • Four rubber blocks - (€50)
  • Wheel set - (€145)

Mobile mid rise lift for all cars, commercial vehicles, vans and buses. Solid, safe and for professional use.

The carlift can be moved by the wheelset and used as an extra workplace on asphalt, paving, a concrete floor.

Very stable with 2 large floorplates, for car repair and maintenance, change wheels and tyres, garage work etc.

Standard with 140 cm platforms and 200 cm with the ramps locked upwards for vehicles extended chassis up to 3000 kg.

The TyreON TSC3000E passed 115% dynamic and 150% static safety load tests.

TyreON TSC3000E
Mobile mid rise lift with electrical release

Latest Model - 1 year warranty - easy to install yourself

  • Lowering with auto-stop at 25 cm - you have to push the down button again (CE)
  • Acoustic and optical signal from 25 cm (CE)
  • Shafts with grease points - the mid rise runs smoothly and less wear
  • Easy drive on thanks to 53 cm wide platforms and ramps with anti-slip profile
  • Hand pump allows the mid rise carlift to be lowered in the event of a fault or power failure (ISO)
  • Improved wheelset, nearly no muscle power required and the mid rise scissor lift maneuvers very smoothly
  • Form the highest point the lift descends instantly, the car lift does not come up a bit

  • Powder coated
  • Can be placed loose on the floor - Anchoring is not necessary
  • 24V-electrical circuit on the mid rise frame lift and its control panel
  • The all-in-one controller is mobile, handle, wheels, mainswitch and powercord
  • Low-noise engine with connection value <= 16 Amps - 230V easy to install yourself

Mechanically locked - Electrically unlocked - Parking feature

With mechanical safety locks each 5 cm.
Compressed air is not required, the release of both locks happens electric.
With lock-button to lower the vehicle and make the mid rise lift rest in the safety locks.
This feature can also be used to park a car at any height for a longer period. 

Steel roller bearings - Steel guide strips on the bottom plates

All four scissor-ends are equipped with durable steel roller bearings.
The rollers move over steel guide strips on the bottom plates. The bottom plates will not damage and the mid rise scissor lift operates smooth and full of force.

TyreON TSC3000E Mid rise lift  - CE approved EN1493:2010

  • A 24V height switch stops the engine when the highest point is reached
  • Professional version with lifting platforms and ramps made of thick steel
  • Reinforcement profiles underneath both the platforms and ramps
  • 2 powerful hydraulic cylinders and an aluminum engine of industrial quality
  • Long service life thanks to applied techniques and high-quality materials
  • Mobile controller with main switch and on-off indicator light
  • The 24V-cabling of the mid rise frame lift is hidden guided by steel cable profiles 
  • TyreCARE - Delivery of original parts even after the warranty period

Available from stock
Fully automatic
106 cm height
€1.595,- €1.895,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs


Interested in the TSC3000E mobile car scissor lift with electrical release - 230V? Request an offer.

The TyreON TSC3000E Mid rise lift 


Technical data mid rise frame lift

Lifting capacity 3000 kg    
Maximum lifting height 101 - 106 (incl. rubber blocks) cm    
Minimum height 11 cm    
Lifting / lowering time 15 / 10 (adjustable) sec    
Length of the mid rise lift 140 - 204 cm    
Width of the platforms 53 cm    
Total width of the lift 176 cm    
Space between platforms 70 cm    
Length of hydraulic hose + hose protection 280 (distance controller - mid rise lift) cm    
Adjustable upward force / descent speed ✓ /       
Mechanically locked every 5 cm      
Electrically unlocked      
Broken hose protection      
Shafts with grease points      
Hand pump - lowering if power failure      
Steel roller bearings      
Parking feature (lock-button)      
25 cm Auto-Stop / Acoustic and optical signal  ✓ / ✓      

Other information mid rise scissor lift

Mobile mid rise lift Electric - Hydraulic      
Engine power 2,2 kW    
Fuse 16 (C) Amps      
Voltage 230V / 1Ph / 50Hz      
Required air pressure No air required      
Noise <= 65 dB    
Weight - (excl. Controller) 585 - (40) kg    
Required floor space (length x width) 203,2 x 186 cm    

Available from stock
Fully automatic
106 cm height
€1.595,- €1.895,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

Wheelset - Improved

The wheelset has been improved, an additional coupling piece increases the leverage and makes the scissor lift very easy to maneuver.

Delivery mid rise lift

The TyreON TSC3000E portable mid rise scissor lift and its controller are functionally tested and packed in two wooden crates together with;

  • 4 rubber lifting blocks - L12 x B10 x H5 cm
  • Wheelset to move the mid rise frame lift (controller on top of a platform)
  • The installation and operating manual
  • Hydraulic oil is not included (5 liters hv-iso-32 is optional)


TyreON TR10 5,5 cm ramp - Set of 4 pcs

4 extra ramps suitable for all models of scissor lifts.
Height of just 5.5 cm. The ramps can be mounted on the floor. (not necessary)
Price € 399,- excluding VAT