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TSC3000E electric scissor lift

  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Delivery vans
  • Private cars
  • Sports and luxury cars
  • Classic cars

€ 1.650,- excl. VAT

ALL ROUND - Mobile scissor lift for the lifting of

  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Delivery vans
  • Private cars
  • Sports and luxury cars
  • Classic cars

Completely electric, no compressed air or air compressor necessary

This scissor lift has mechanical locking, with two safety catches at different heights.  This locking works by means of gravity, and will therefore always work.  The unlocking of the TSC3000E's safety catches is electric, which means you won't need any compressed air or an air compressor.
The scissor lift can easily be operated using the control unit, which is equipped with a main switch, up and down buttons and a locking button.   The locking button is used in order to let the car rest at a certain height mechanically, which is useful if you want to keep it at a certain height for a longer period of time.

Heavy factory testing - steel bearings and lifting tables 1400 or 1944 mm in length

This scissor lift has been successfully dynamically loaded in the factory up to 115%. During the static factory test, the supporting structure was successfully loaded up to 4500 kg.  (150%)
The TyreON TSC3000E has heavy, maintenance-free steel bearings.
These rolling element bearings move over guided strips on the base plate.  The base plate is not damaged, and the lift moves in a scissoring motion, smoothly and with full force.
Normally, the scissor lift is 1.4 metres long. The ramps can be folded up and subsequently horizontally secured, giving the lift a length of 1.94 metres, meaning that heavy commercial vehicles and cars with longer chassis also fit on the lift.
Ideal for garages, damage repair, servicing, cleaning and hobbyists. 

TyreON TSC3000E - Completely Automatic

  • Mobile compact electric scissor lift with a lifting capacity of 3000 kg and a ramp height of 10.5 cm.
  • Electric unlocking of mechanical safety catches
  • Completely finished in a high-end powder coating (RAL5017 blue and RAL7000 grey)
  • Mechanical synchronisation of the two lifting tables, equipped with 2 strong hydraulic cylinders
  • The scissor lift has four heavy steel bearings
  • Professional model with ramps and lifting tables made of thick steel plates (own weight 585 kg)
  • The foldable ramps have an anti-slip profile and can be horizontally secured
  • The ramps can also be loaded with 3000 kg in the horizontal position
  • Can be placed unsecured on even surfaces, anchoring also possible
  • The electric scissor lift comes complete with a set of wheels and 5 litres of hydraulic oil
  • Comes 95% pre-assembled in the packaging, simple to set up, plug-and-go!


  • Powerful and reliable scissor lift, ISO 9001- produced with CE certificate (2006/42/EC, NEN-EN1493)
  • Mechanical safety locking with safety catches at various heights
  • Automatic 24-volt electric unlocking of the safety catches
  • Equipped with a 24-volt height-safety switch
  • 24-volt electric circuit for all control functions
  • 24-volt electric circuit throughout the entire lift
  • The base plates are equipped with a safety edge in order to protect feet 

The new model is available

  • The axes are now provided with lubrication nipples
  • Lock function on control panel to descent and lock the bridge in the safety locks to relieve the hydraulic system
  • With this parking feature it is possible to park the car for a long time
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€1.450,- €1.650,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs
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The technology and capabilities of the TyreON TSC3000E





Technical details 
Lifting capacity  3000 kg    
Lifting height (max.) 1000 mm    
Minimum height   105 mm    
Duration of lifting or lowering (at 1500 kg) 15 / 10 sec   (at 1500 kg)
Length of scissor lift 1944 mm   (ramps folded up)
Length of scissor lift 1400 mm   (ramps folded down)
Width of lifting tables 530 mm    
Total width of scissor lift 1760 mm    
Gap between lifting tables 700 mm    

Additional information

Type Electrisch - Hydraulisch      
Engine power 2.2 kW    
Required airpressure No air required ! Bar      
Voltage (single-phase)    230 Volt    
Phase  1      
Frequency 50 Hz    
Motor power 2.2 kW    
Ampere of fuse 16 C Ampère    
Noise <= 70 dB    
Weight (approx.) 585 kg   (excluding control unit)
Required floorspace 1944 x 1760 mm   Length x Width

Not in stock
€1.450,- €1.650,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

The delivery comprises

  • TyreON TSC3000E electric scissor lift with lifting tables and ramps made of thick steel plates
  • 24V simple control unit with main switch and push buttons
  • Wheel set for moving the electric scissor lift
  • 5 litres of hydraulic oil and 4 rubber blocks

Packaged in a wooden crate, 605 kg and 183 x 156 x 20 (LxWxH/cm)
Control unit packaged in a wooden crate, 50 kg and 117 x 45 x 51 (LxWxH/cm)
Installation and operating manual and maintenance protocol
CE certificate
1 year guarantee on parts
Guaranteed delivery of parts even after warranty period

How the wheel set works

The TyreON TSC3000E comes with a wheel set.  This consists of two wheels and a lever with a wheel.
You can place two wheels on the electric scissor lift by hand.  If you let the lift drop, the lift comes to rest on the wheels by itself.  You can then place the control unit on the lift.
You can use the lift to move the electric scissor lift.  The lever with the large wheels allows the scissor lift to be moved, even when the floor isn't completely flat.