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ASM0703H motorcycle lifting table with front wheel chock

Capacity 700 kg
Lifting height 16 - 120 cm
Table LxW 222 (250) x 73 cm
Drive 1.5 kW Electric-hydraulic
Up + down 2 buttons on controller
Unlocking By foot
No air required
Extendable ramp
Rear wheel panel W=48 cm
Professional electric motorcycle lifting table, suitable for heavy and light motorbikes, motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and mopeds up to 700 kg.

The platform can be extended to 250 cm with the front wheel chock.
A real asset, equipped with many conceivable safety options and known for the extendable ramp.

Motorcycle lifting table - with front wheel chock

The motorcycle lifting table is operated with a handy silent electro-hydraulic control unit with main switch and two buttons for lifting and lowering.

  • Reliable and powerful lifting table - meets the requirements of the latest CE guidelines
  • The platform is equipped with a ladder chassis
  • With heavy lifting cylinder, silent in use and is eco-friendly
  • With many extra safety options and 1 year warranty
  • Solid constructed and comes with 2 adjustable eyes for hooking and lashing
  • Finished off by powder coating, functional and scratchproof
  • Comes with hydraulic oil and is tested before packaging
  • Easy to use and to install
  • Pre-drilled with anchoring holes
  • Fits on every electrical circuit in the fuse box (14 amperes - 230V)

TyreON ASM0703H - Autec ASM0703H motorcycle lifter

TyreON BV acquired the successful range of motorcycle lifters from Autec - VLT Automotive Equipment.

The Autec - VLT lifts for motorcycles, quads, go karts, ride - on mowers etc. have been produced by Autec for 15 years and during that time the focus was on quality and performance.
Resulting in four top-quality bike lifts that meet the high standards of professional users. These lifts are now TyreON branded and still have the unique Autec properties.

Supplied with the front wheel chock - 11 to 27 Inch wheels
At driving the front wheel into the chock the smart swivel-down mechanism locks the motorcycle.
The front wheel chock can be mounted at various positions on the table also for motorbikes with a wheelbase of 2.5 meters. 

Extra wide rear wheel panel with integrated ramp
The hydraulic bike lift is equipped with an extra-large folding and removable rear panel.
The rear wheel panel has a storage compartment for the ramp. The ramp can be manually pushed in or out. In vertical position, the ramp cannot escape the rear panel.

Handle for unlocking
Unlocking is done by foot or hand with a handle at the side of the base.

Wheel stopper
The stop-plate is attached to the end of the table so the motorbike cannot unexpectedly ride off the table.

TyreON ASM0703H motorcycle lifter, safety and TyreCARE

The scissorlifts are equipped with sophisticated safety features

  • The thermal protection shuts off the current in case of overload
  • Check valve in the hydraulic pump
  • Mechanical safety lock on every 6 cm
  • Hose rupture protection
  • An overload valve protects the vehicle lift against damage
  • Adjustable eyes for hooking lashing straps
  • The mechanical locking prevents dropping in the event of a hose rupture
  • An overpressure valve protects the vehicle lift against damage due to excessive oil pressure (overweight motorcycle)
  • Auto-stop at 120 cm and an aluminum E-motor with cooling fins and fan
  • TyreCARE - Support and parts are available anytime

Adiitional to the ASM0703H TyreON offers 3 other (Autec) models 

TyreON ASM0502H  - Autec ASM0502H 
  • Lift table is 73 cm wide
  • With foot pump
  • No compressed air and no 230V connection required

TyreON ASM0704H - Autec ASM0704H 
  • Lifting table and the ramp are 1 meter wide
  • 230V electro-hydraulic control unit
  • No compressed air required

TyreON ASM0705H - Autec ASM0705H 
  • Lift table and the ramps are 1.30 meters wide
  • 230V electro-hydraulic control unit
  • No compressed air required
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TyreON ASM0703H motorcycle lifting table


The techniques

Lifting capacity 700 kg    
Drive on height - Lifting height 16 - 120 cm    
Platform (L x W) 222,3 x 73,3   L= max. 250 cm with wheel chock cm    
Panel (L x W) 53,5 x 48 cm    
Length of the ramp 40 cm    
Duration lifting / lowering 20 / 10 sec.    
Unlocking the safety lock by foot pedal      
Lifting and lowering Up + down button on the controller      
Type of ramp extendable      
Position hydraulic pomp-unit under platform      
Wheel-clamp front wheel chock and manual clamp      
On-floor / In-floor  ✓ / ✓      
Mechanical safety lock      
Auto-stop at 120 cm      
Rear wheel panel foldable / removable ✓ / ✓      
Non-slip profile on ramp / table ✓ / ✓ (diamond plate for motorcycle stands)      
Length of hydraulic hose 250 cm      

Additional information

Voltage 230 V / 1 Ph       
Electric engine / circuit protection 1,5 kW /  14  Ampère      
Required air pressure No air required      
Weight of the motorcycle lifting table 275 kg      
Package L230 x B75 x H30 cm - 285 kg      
Controller L36 x B36 x H95 cm - 25 kg      

In stock
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

Delivery - motorcycle lifting table

The TyreON ASM0703H motorcycle lifter is tested on all features before it is packed with the accessories;

  • Hydraulic oil (5 liters hv-iso-32 is included)
  • Installation and operating manual
  • Wheel stopper + 2 adjustable eyelets
  • Front wheel chock and manual wheel clamp
  • The foldable + removable panel including the ramp
  • Controller

Temporary: With the purchase of this motor lifting table you will receive a detachable side support for
motorbikes with side stand free of charge.

TyreON ASM0703H - BMW grey

The TyreON ASM0703H motorcycle lifter is also available in BMW grey and comes with the same standard accessories.
TyreON ASM0703H 700 kg - BMW grey >>