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T600 truck tyrechanger 26 Inch

Rims 14 - 26 Inch
Wheels up to 500 kg - Ø 160 cm - 78 cm ↔
Mounting speed 1-speed | 9 rpm
Bead breaker force 2500 kg / 24.515 kN
Operation Electric-hydraulic
Gear motor-chuck 2,2 kW
Hydraulic pump 1,5 kW
Promo, now including ALU rim protectors + rim clamp
In wooden box L203 x W158 x H94 cm - 650 kg
Voltage 400V
TyreON T600C1 230V
Order the T600 and get 2 accessories for free
TRP ALU4 Alu-rim protectors (normal €225)
TRC ST rim clamp (normal €125)

Heavy duty truck tyrechanger for tube and tubeless tyres and rims of

  • Trucks, tractor units and trailers
  • City buses, coaches and commercial vehicles

With 2 powerful motors suitable for intensive use. You roll the wheel onto the ramp and the changer does the rest of the work. The control unit allows you to perform 8 movements.

TyreON T600 - delivered ready for operation

  • Reliable and powerful truck tire changer
  • CE certified and 1 year warranty on all parts
  • Compiled with Bucher Hydraulics - market leader in innovative drive technology
  • Filled with hydraulic oil and fully tested before it is packed
  • Comes with accessories to change truck tires directly
  • Solid construction, completely finished with powder coating
  • Strong clamping and bead breaking force, controlled by joystick
  • Ready for use upon receipt, easy to install
  • With a central lifting eye and floor anchoring holes
  • With main switch, cord and power plug - no compressed air required!

Optimum performance at constant operating pressure

The TyreON T600 is equipped with a central non-return valve in its hydraulic system. The valve ensures a constant operating pressure, as a result of which all hydraulic movements are equal and can be used to their full power potential. The pressure on the hydraulic pump is reduced which benefits the technical life cycle.




Plastic strip prevents scratches - fitted grease nipples

The allround TyreON T600 is a tyre machine for intensive use and comes with a powerful mounting arm compiled with a mounting disc and a hinged hook resistant to heavy loads.
A plastic strip in a recess in the mounting hook prevents wear and scratches on the (alloy) rim.
The hinged parts are fitted with grease nipples. By lubricating the nipples you make the truck tyrechanger work smoothly and significant wear and tear is prevented.

Operation - control unit with joystick

The convenient control unit allows you to perform 8 movements. You simply roll the wheel onto the ramp and the changer does the heavy work.

  • Handy 24V ergonomic control unit with emergency stop, joystick and foot pedal
  • Powerful electric motor for clockwise and anticlockwise rotation of the chuck
  • Top quality 1.5 kW hydraulic aluminum gear pump made by Bucher Hydraulics
  • With a hydraulic ramp to move the wheel to and from the chuck
  • Chuck with 4 hydraulic clamping arms of hardened steel for clamping and lifting the wheel
  • The mounting arm can be locked manually in 2 positions on the sliding carriage and moves horizontally by the hydraulic sliding carriage in both directions
  • The mounting head with disc and hook is rotated by hand and locks itself
  • Truck mounting accessories available >>

In stock
Promo 2 x accessory €0
€3.450,- €3.850,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs


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The techniques and possibilities of the TyreON T600


Technical details

T600 (400V)

T600C1 Compact

- 230V 

For rims with size 14 - 26 14 -26 Inch A  
Maximum wheel diameter 160 160 cm D  
Maximum width of the wheel 78 78 cm C  
Maximum wheel weight 500 500 kg    
Clamping range  (chuck) 9,5 - 70 cm (27 Inch) 10 - 70 cm (27 Inch)      
Bead breaker force 2500 kg / 24.515 kN 2000 kg / 19.620 kN   F  
Operating pressure - hydraulic 170 130 Bar    
Performance hydraulic pump motor 1.5 1.5 kW F  
Performance gear motor - electric rotation of the chuck 2.2 1.5 kW E  
Mounting speed - rotation of the chuck - clockwise and anticlockwise 1 1 speed    
Rotations per minute of the chuck 9 6 rpm    
Number of automated movements by controller 8 8 movements    
Operating voltage of the controller 24 24 Volt (DC)    
Number of positions of the mounting arm on the sliding carriage 2 2 positions    
Weight 580 550 kg    
Noise level 55 - 70 55 -70 dBA    
Rotating chuck with 4 self centering clamping arms      
Non return valve - continuous oil-pressure      
Grease nipples      
Second gear for high speed of all hydraulic movements  (2nd foot pedal) - -      
Voltage 400V - 3Ph - 50Hz  230V - 1Ph - 50Hz     
Fuse 16 25 Ampere    
Footprint   (length x width) 1900 x 1580 1600 x 1200 mm  

In stock
Promo 2 x accessory €0
€3.450,- €3.850,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs


All functions of the TyreON T600 are tested carefully before the machine is packed in a sturdy wooden box with:

  • The wired portable control unit
  • A grease gun for greasenipples and the sliding carriage
  • A set of plastic strips intended for in the mounting hook
  • 2 tire levers, a tyresoap brush and a bucket tyresoap
  • The installation and operating manual
  • Hydraulic oil (hv-iso-32 is included)
  • Extra
  • TyreON TRP ALU4 aluminium clamping jaws for truck rims
  • TyreON TRC ST rim clamp for trucks, agricultural and contsruction equipment