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T650M mobile tire machine - 26 Inch

Rims 11 - 26 Inch
Wheels up to 1200 kg - Ø 140 cm - 95 cm ↔
Mounting speed 1-Speed | 8 rpm
Bead breaker force 2500 kg / 24.515 kN
Operation Electric-hydraulic
Gear motor-chuck 1.5 kW
Hydraulic pump 1.1 kW
Model Mobile - to install in van
Height cargo floor Max. 75cm
In wooden box L130 x B81 x H1166 cm - 475 kg
For lorries, earthmoving, excavating and agricultural vehicles. Option on installment in vans.
Ideal for in the field replacement of large and wide tires such as super singles.

The mobile tire machine shifts and folds out through the backdooropening and positions itself at street level.
The chuck moves up and down as well as to and from the tire hydraulically.

New: As of October 2020 available in blue RAL 5015

TyreON T650M mobile tire machine

Fully automatic mobile tire changing machine 

This electronic-hydraulic mobile tire machine with hardened steel chuck is operated by a user friendly 24V controller unit.

  • Covers an area of 136 x 72cm of the cargo area
  • Suited for backdoor installment in a van
  • Required door size: 72cm width x 154cm height
  • Own weight of 450 kg
  • Portable controller
  • Easy clamping and lifting of both large and small wheels
  • Tires up to 95cm wide
  • Mounting hook as standard accessory
  • Also assembly of super singles
  • Minimum clamping range of 10 cm

Simple DIY installation

One places the mobile tire machine in the van and fastens it to the cargo floor via the base frame. The maximum height of the cargo floor is 75cm.
For safety of man and machine the T650M mobile tire changing machine is equipped with a locking chain while in transit.


Advantages of the mobile tire machine 

  • Simple installment
  • Light diesel or gas generator required (400V)
  • Modest in size and weight
  • Safe workspace at the rear of service van
  • Damage prevention rims 
  • Safe 24V controller with emergency stop, joystick and foot pedal
  • Can be folded, in the event of a power failure, into the vehicle by manual handpump

Machine operation - mobile tire changing machine

  • The chuck is vertically movable via the sled (hydraulic).
  • The chuck can be moved horizontally on the sled (hydraulic)
  • Four hydraulic powered hardened steel jaws grab and lift the rim
  • The mounting arm is hydraulically movable (telescopic)
  • The mounting head can be rotated and locked manually in 3 positions
  • After the tire change the machine folds itself up fully automatically


Extra safety features - mobile tire machine for trucks

Pressure valve - Central pressure valve integrated in hydraulic system.
This valve limits the pressure to 130 bar and keeps the hydraulic motions smooth and powerful.

Check valve 1  - Hydraulic non-return valve in the controller unit of the chuck.
This prevents the wheel from being released and falling in case of hose failure.

Check valve 2 - Hydraulic non-return valve in the controller unit of the chuck for chuck and arm movement 
This part keeps the arm in position in case of hose failure.

Thermal safety - Pump engine is equipped with a thermal safety feature.
The engine makes an emergency stop in case of overheating to prevent damage.


TyreON T650M mobile tire machine 




Technical details - truck mobile tire machine 


For truck tires with rim size 11 - 26 Inch   A  
Maximum wheel diameter 140 cm   D  
Maximum wheel width 95 cm   C  
Maximum wheel weight 1200 kg      
Clamping range (chuck) 10 - 70 cm (27 Inch)      
Bead breaker force 2500 kg / 24.515 kN   F  
Operating pressure - hydraulic 130 Bar      
Performance hydraulic pump motor 1.1 kW   F  
Performance gear motor - electric rotation of the chuck 1.5 kW   E  
1 mounting speed (chuck)  8 rpm      clock- and anticlockwise  E  
Torque 2200 Nm      
Number of automated movements 10      
Controllers operating voltage 24 Volt (DC)      
Weight 450 kg      
Noise level 40 - 65 dBA      
Rotating chuck with 4 self-centring clamping arms      
Connection voltage 400V - 3Ph - 50Hz     
Fusing 16 Ampère      
Required loading floor area (Lx W) for the mobile tire changing machine 136 x 72  cm    
Required height mobile tire changing machine 154 cm    

In stock
€5.350,- €5.950,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

Mobile tire changing machine - Installation kit

Also available as a complete installation kit, the T650M mobile tire machine in combination with a generator, an air compressor, a hose reel and the TyreON Smart Control. 

Mobile tire machine - delivery includes

The mobile tire machine with wired control unit is tested for all functions and packed in a sturdy box together with

  • Rim clamp for trucks
  • Mounting hook (Mounting hook for mounting on the tubeless roller)
  • 2 tire levers
  • Holder for a grease container and a brush
  • Installation and operating manual for the mobile tire changing machine