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T650M2 mobile truck tyre changer 13 - 26 Inch

Rims 13 - 26 Inch
Wheels up to 750 kg - Ø 138 cm - 70 cm ↔
Mounting speed 1-speed | 7 rpm
Bead breaker force 2500 kg / 24.515 kN
Operation Electric-hydraulic
Gear motor-chuck 1.5 kW
Hydraulic pump 1.1 kW
Model Mobile - to install in van
In wooden box L125 x B110 x H155 cm - 500 kg
Optional Mounting arm for passenger cars
Voltage 400V
Heavy duty mobile truck tyre changer machine for tubeless tyres on steel or aluminum rims of trucks, trailers, and commercial vehicles.

Powerful, compact, most competitive priced mobile truck tyre changer for sale in the market. <

The TyreON T650M2 mobile truck tyre changer 26 Inch

Most optimized mobile truck tyre changer for sale in the market 

  • Takes 122 x 104 cm floorspace
  • Can be mounted at the rear or side of a service vehicle
  • Safe 24V controller
  • Required door opening 104 x 145 cm
  • Own weight of 470 kg
  • Wide slide with 3 positions for the mounting arm to change 70 cm wide tyres
  • Can be folded, in the event of a power failure, into the vehicle by manual handpump

Mobile truck tyre machine - In service van - Tyre repair anywhere

This electrohydraulic mobile truck tyre changer up to 26 Inch with a 24V control unit is mounted on a base frame with forklift pockets. The required height of the service van floor is about 65 -75 cm.
This truck tyre changer for mobile service can be fixed with the base frame on the floor of the service van. 

8 automated movements - Easy to install

The machine folds out through the door opening and finds its position outside on the street surface after which you can start working immediately.

With the controller you can perform 8 movements. You roll the wheel to the bus and the tyre machine does the heavy work.
When the job is done, the tyrechanger folds up fully automatically in the van.
The sliding carriage and the lifting arm are locked to maintain the machine and to ensure safety while driving.

Mobile truck tyre changer

Other advantages 

  • The machine is relatively light (470kg) and takes up little space
  • Easy installation with a forklift - (fork sleeves in frame)
  • Work with 13 to 26 Inches wheels without damaging steel rims / aluminium rims / tyres
  • Fast, thanks to the handy controller with E-Stop, joysticks, and foot pedal

Operation mobile truck tyre changer 26 Inch

Most convenient mobile truck tyre changer for sale in the market 

  • 4 hydraulic hard steel clamping jaws for clamping and lifting the rim
  • The lifting arm with the clamping jaw including the rim can be moved horizontally with the hydraulic slide
  • The mounting arm can be moved manually and can be locked in 3 positions
  • The mounting head can be turned and locked manually

TyreON T650M2 Mobile truck tyre machine



  • 1.5 kW motor for the clockwise and anticlockwise rotation of the chuck
  • Powerful 1.1 kW top quality hydraulic pump
  • Reliable, robust and CE certified
  • With anchoring points, anchor on vehicle floor, Plug-and-Go!

Mobile truck tyre changer 26 Inch

Even and powerful hydraulic movements

This mobile truck tyre changing machine is equipped with a central check valve in the hydraulic system. It guarantees a constant pressure for even and powerful hydraulic movements.
This truck tyre changer for mobile service is equipped with grease nipples.

T650M2 Mobile truck tyre changer machine




Technical details
Truck tyre changer for mobile service

T650M2 (400V)

For truck tyres with rim size 13 - 26 Inch A  
Maximum wheel diameter 138 cm D  
Maximum wheel width 70 cm C  
Maximum wheel weight 750 kg    
Clamping range (chuck) 10 - 68,5 cm (27 Inch)      
Bead breaker force 2500 kg / 24.515 kN   F  
Operating pressure - hydraulic 130 Bar    
Performance hydraulic pump motor 1.1 kW F  
Performance gear motor - electric rotation of the chuck 1.5 kW E  
1 mounting speed (chuck)  7 rpm   -   clock- and anticlockwise     
Number of automated movements 8      
Controllers operating voltage 24 Volt (DC)    
Positions of the mounting arm on the sliding carriage 3      
Weight 470 kg    
Noise level 40 - 65 dBA    
Rotating chuck with 4 self-centring clamping arms      
Connection voltage 400V - 3Ph - 50Hz     
Fusing 16 Ampère    
Footprint (L x W) 122 x 104 cm  

In stock
€4.750,- €5.500,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

Optional - Mounting arm for passenger cars

A mounting arm with tools especially for (de) mounting all types of tires and rims of passengercars. 

Delivery mobile truck tyre changer machine

  • TyreON T650M2 with power box, main switch and wired portable controller
  • Installation and operation manual for mobile truck tyre changing machine

Mobile truck tyre machine 

Complete installation set available

We also have a complete mounting kit mobile truck tyre changer for sale consisting the TyreON T650M2 in combination with a generator set, an air compressor, a hose reel and the TyreON Smart Control.
For information: TyreON T650M mobile tyre fitting package >>