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TC26S tyre changer

  • All type of cars
€ 1450,- excl. VAT

4 Motorbike adaptors

The TyreON TC26S has a foot controlled rear tilting column and the mounting head is air-lockable at any position.
Equipped with an airgun for fast pumping up your tyres, easy to operate and an excellent value for money.
The TyreON TC26S tyre changer with double speed is used for all tube and tubeless tyres and aluminum rims, of cars, motorbikes and trailers.

Tyre changer double speed, tyres up to 46 cm width and 119 cm diameter

This turntable of this newmodel has two mounting speeds and is suitable for tires up to 46 cm width.
The versatile professional T26S has plenty of space for large and wide tires and can change with 5 or 10 rpm.
This tyre changer for intensive use is the most powerful and high speed machine in the marketsegment and is suitable for years of trouble-free professional use.


TyreON TC26S - Tyre changer double speed 5 and 10 rpm

  • Spacious tyre changer with numerous possibilities for all garages and tire services
  • With raised column and therefore suitable for wide tires up to 46 cm wide
  • Large bead breaker with wide range for wide tyres
  • With foot controlled pneumatic rear tilting column saving you set up time
  • The mounting head can be locked at any position with a push-button
  • Large 26 Inch turntable with powerful E-engine, turning left and right
  • Turntable with 2 mounting speeds and 4 clamping jaws of hardened steel
  • Also changing motorcycle tyres with additional adaptors (sold separately)
  • Bead breaker with 2500 Kg force and a quick-vent valve
  • The bead breaker can be moved horizontal and vertical, which is convenient for low profile tires for example
  • 4 pedals of hardened steel to operate the rear column, the turntable, the clamping arms and the bead breaker
  • High-grade powder coating on complete construction (also inside)
  • Changing tyres on aluminium rims without damage
  • Stainless steel interior and an aluminium housed E-motor with cooling fan
  • The floor anchoring points are equipped with vibration dampers

Reliable high speed ISO 9001 double speed tyre changer with CE certificate.
Very solid and carefully constructed.
The TyreON TC26S tyre changer is 95% assembled on delivery.
A set of accessories is included.
You can place it yourself and start right away.

Optional to the TyreON TC26S

In stock
€999,- €1.250,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs


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The techniques and possibilities of the TC26S tyre changer double speed





TC26S tyre changer double speed

Technical details tyre changer double speed


For rims with size 12 - 26 Inch    
Outside clamping capacity 14 - 26 Inch    
Inside clamping capacity 12 - 23 Inch    
Maximum wheel diameter 1190 / 47 mm / Inch    
Maximum width of the wheel 460  / 18 mm / Inch    
Bead breaker force 2.500 / 24.515  kg / kN    
Performance of the turntable motor 1.1 kW    

Functions tyre changer double speed

2 mounting speeds of the turntable ✓  5 en 10 rpm      
4 self-centering clamping jaws      
Turntable turning  left and right      
Fixed column with swing arm      
Pneumatic tilting column (backward)      
Airbooster in clamping jaws (tubeless tyres) -      
Manual locking of the mounting head -      
Pneumatic locking of the mounting head      
Air pump with hose, airgun and pressure gauge      
Hands free air pump with pressure gauge operated with foot pedal -      
Help arm right -      
Help arm left -      

Other features tyre changer double speed

Voltage 400V / 3 Volt / fase(s)    
Fuse 16 Ampere    
Frequency   (60 Hz upon request) 50 Hz    
Required pneumatic pressure 8 - 10 Bar    
Noise level <= 70 dB    
Weight 257 kg    
Footprint (length x width)  77 x 55 cm  

In stock
€999,- €1.250,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

Delivery TyreON T26S tyre changer double speed

  • TyreON TC26S tyre changer with rear tilting column, motorized 5 + 10 rpm turntable with 4 clamping jaws and control pedals of hardened steel
  • Air gun with pressure gauge and air hose
  • Air connection with barometer pre-filter and oil lubricator
  • Accessories, tyre lever and robust rubber for the side
  • Installation and operation manual
  • CE certificate and technical drawing with part numbers
  • Packed in strong carton crate on pallet, 260 Kg, dimensions 113 x 91 x 107 cm. (LxWxH)
  • The double speed tyre​ ​changer​ ​is equipped with floor anchoring holes
  • Warranty on all parts for 1 year