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TL125M mobile single post car lift - manual release

Capacity 2500 kg
Lift height 11 - 190 cm
Manual release
25 cm - Optical and acoustic signal
Chain and hose break protection
Parking function
Extendable loading platform
Short arms 120º to swing + telescopic
Long arms 90º to swing + telescopic
Packing L175 x B140 x H100 cm - 500 kg
Column L255 x B55 x H55 cm - 250 kg

Compact one post car lift for passenger cars, vans and light commercial vehicles. Low profile 11 cm height thus also suitable for vehicles with low spoilers.

With extendable platform and 4 swing arms.
The one post lift is easy to move, similar like a pallet truck.

Model 2020
  • Free driveway due 120° swingable short arms
  • 4 rubber door protectors
  • Also suitable for floor mounting (remove wheels and fix to the floor)

TyreON mobile one post car lift - Powerful and stable!

  • Reliable and powerful lift - CE certified
  • Silent aluminum engine for long-term use
  • For indoor and outdoor use - powder coated
  • Small turning circle due double castors and 4 double front wheels
  • Dust and splash proof control panel (IP64)
  • Safe 24V control panel (CE)
  • Easy to assemble and to operate
  • 6 Amps (230V) power connection
  • 1 year warranty on all parts

Each swingarm can be positioned under the vehicle in any position.
During lifting, the short arms are automatically locked in the position they are under the car.
If the one post car lift descends, the short arms are automatically released and can be pushed away.
All arms comes with a height-adjustable lifting pad.

Mobile one post car lift - suitable for many types of cars
For professional intensive use


Technology - one post car lift

  • Lifts by up-button on the control panel - vehicle accessible on 3 sides
  • Column with one hydraulic cylinder for lifting
  • The power of the cylinder is transmitted with a heavy chain
  • Rigid main column of heavy roller profile
  • Heavy squared carrying yoke 
  • 2 short swing-arms with automatic locking and unlocking
  • 2 long swing-arms with a lever for locking and unlocking
  • Parking function - car parked at height for a longer period of time (rests mechanical)

Stop switch at 25 cm height - safety one post lift

  • Locks automatic with heavy safety hook every 8 cm
  • Extra safe: To lower the lift, the safetylever is pulled, then the down function is active
  • Protection for chain breakage and hose breakage
  • Foot safety switch at 25 cm height - car descends with optical and acoustic signal as warning
  • Pressure relief valve on the power unit prevents damage to the vehicle lift (too heavy car)
  • At the highest point the engine is turned off by the limit switch
  • Emergency stop and main switch
In stock
€1.995,- €2.200,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs



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The TyreON TL125M mobile one post car lift


Main feutures one post lift

Lifting capacity of the one post lift 2500 kg    
Maximum lifting height 184 - 190 cm    
Lowest position lifting arm - pad included 11 cm    
Column height 250      
Time lifting / lowering 35 / 30 sec    
Length of short arms - telescopic 40 - 68 cm    
Length of long support arms - telescopic 65 - 90 cm    
Width of the car 100 - 180 (room between sills)      
Noise level <= 70 dB at 1 meter      
Engine power 2.2 kW / 230V / 1 phase      
Weight one post lift 750 kg      

In stock
€1.995,- €2.200,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

The delivery one post car lift

The TyreON TL125M one post lift is tested for all functions in our factory before it is packed in parts together with;

  • The Installation and operating manual
  • 4 x plug-in lifting pads (6 cm adjustable - 2 stage)
  • Hydraulic oil is not included - 10 Liter HV-ISO-32 is optional
  • The one post car lift can be completely assembled, ready to use, at extra costs

Robust - maximum stability - one post car lift

The TL125M one post lift has been tested and approved by a notified Body and meets the following CE standards;

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. For Annex IV machinery
  • EN 1493:2010 Vehicle lifts
  • EN 60204-1:2006/AC:2010 Safety of machinery- Electrical equipment of machines- Part 1: General requirements