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TL40E2 2 column lift

  • All models cars - L1 and L2
€ 1.350,- excl. VAT

2 column hydraulic clear floor lift for professional use suitable for all models cars - L1 and L2

With its solid construction (according to EU safety standards) and convenient handling, this two-column lift is suitable for professionals as well as the private users.  The TL40E2 has a very flat threshold and a lifting height of 1.93 meters.
It is convenient to work with the automatic electric release and 4 adjustable lifting pads.

The TyreON TL40E2 lift has a high price-quality score and is supplied with hydraulic oil and mounting anchors. The parking function allows to park a car indefinitely at height and park another car underneath. Two cables with synchronized lifting cylinders ensure the 4 arms to go up and down perfectly simultaneously. This 4 Ton fully automatic 2 column lift is suitable for all types of cars from Fiat 500 to extended delivery van (Length L1 and L2).

Technique - TL40E2 - fully automatic - 2 column lift


  • Finished with high quality powder coating (RAL5017-blue and RAL7000-gray)
  • Telescopic adjustable arms
  • Adjustable pads (can be screwed up to + 9 cm)
  • Asymmetrical support arms
  • Two columns, each with a lifting cylinder
  • Quality hydraulic pump made of aluminum
  • Expensive aluminum motor unit with cooling fins and cooling fan
  • Support arms also suitable for sports cars
  • Protective caps in the vertical openings of the columns
  • Door protection rubbers on the yokes
  • Flat threshold and anchoring plates made of thick sheet steel
  • Solid construction of the columns and the anchoring plates
  • Supporting columns from rolled sections
  •  2 column lift with solid construction of the yokes

Safety - TL40E2 - full automatic - two column lift


  • Automatic mechanical safety lock at various heights (works on gravity)
  • Automatic unlocking and lowering of the car with the push of a button on the control unit
  • 4 solid support arms that automatically lock and unlock
  •  2 column lift with foot protection on the 4 support arms
  • Parking function with lock button (parking at height, second car underneath)
  • Hydraulic pressure pre-setting (prevents damage - overweight cars
  • Mechanical synchronization of the cables (all arms are equally going up and down, synchronous control)
  • 24 Volts control panel and 24 Volts electrical circuit on the entire lift
  • 24 Volts height limit switch (The maximum height is adjustable)
  • Main switch on control panel with on / off light
  • CE approved, meets the requirements of this moment (EN1493 safety standard)
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The techniques and possibilities of the TyreON TL40E2 two post lift





Technical data two column lift

Lifting capacity of the hydraulic system 4000 kg    
Maximum lifting height 1840 - 1930 mm    
Lowest position of the lifting arm 60 mm    
Lowest position of the lifting arm with rubber block 90 mm    
Space between the columns 2780 mm  
Total height 2824 mm    
Length of the short lifting arms - adjustable 620 - 880 mm    
Length of the long lifting arms - adjustable 820 - 1260 mm    
Overall width 3365 mm    
Time lifting / lowering 50 / 25 sec    
Noise level <= 70 dB at 1 m <= 45 dB at 7 m    
Engine power 2.2 kW    
Voltage 400/3 phases/50 Hz  or  230/1 phase/50 Hz Volt     
Fuse 16 Ampere    
Weight (approx.) 600 kg    

In stock
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

Delivery includes


  • 2 column lift with aluminum motor unit with cooling fins and cooling fan + threshold
  • 24 Volt control unit with push buttons and main switch
  • 4 support arms + 4 adjustable rubber blocks (2-stage + screwable)
  • Two protective covers for the inside of the columns + two large rubbers to protect the door
  • Set of mounting anchors + installation materials
  • Manual for operation, installation and maintenance
  • CE certificate
  • 15 liters of necessary hydraulic oil is included
  • Packed in sturdy steel frame, total weight 625 KG
  • Dimensions 294 x 46 x 75 cm + power unit 85 x 30 x 25 cm + accessories 45 x 20 x 20 cm

Dimensions of the long and short support arms

TyreON TL40E2 versus TL42E

The TyreON TL42E can lift 200 KG more and is heavier.
The lifting height of the TL42E is 205 cm.

With the competitively priced TyreON TL40E2 it is also possible for the private user to experience the user-friendliness of the professional.