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TyreON TL80R Wheel lifter

Capacity 80 kg
Lifting height - wheelhub 155 cm
Lifting range 0 - 130 cm
Lifting speeds 2
Battery capacity 400 times up and down
Operation 24V Electric-mechanical
Weight 72 kg
Battery 24V - 20 Ah
Comes with 230V battery charger
Packed in wooden box L180 x B50 x H35 cm - 75 kg
Voltage 24V-TL80R
Voltage 230V-Battery charger
Rechargeable mobile wheel lifter, ergonomic and efficient. A must-have in every workplace, prevents back injuries when lifting and assembling wheels.
For daily professional use without wheel damage.

You can work on one battery charge for a whole week or longer without being bothered by an extension cable or an awkward air hose.

Best value on the market, economical and reliable performance 

We are proud to offer this magnificent wheel lifter to all professionals who on a daily basis deal with tyres of cars, SUV's and company cars.
Today’s wheels and tires are getting bigger and heavier, making it difficult for one person to comfortably and safely lift and set in place.

Many wheels are expensive and can be easily scratched or damaged.
The TL80R lifts a wheel and allows the operator to manoeuvre it into the correct position without fear of rim damage or back strain.

Safe and damage-free handling of wheel assemblies

  • Lifting and assembling wheels by only one person
  • Cordless, stable, user friendly, CE certified
  • Rises to full height in 12 seconds
  • Heavy battery, at least 400 times up and down before recharging
  • Easy lug nut alignment, you can rotate the tyre 360° due the pick-up fork is equipped with rollers and casters 
  • Continuous display of the residual battery charge
  • Safety stop and standby mode operated with 1 button
  • No battery consumption in standby mode
  • Long lifespan battery
  • Transmission with the steel spindle
  • Easy grip and buttons for lifting and lowering
  • 4 heavy duty swivel castors with rubber tires
  • 2 castors with footbrake to ensure the lifter is locked in place
  • Powder coating ensures its value and remains in service for many years to come
  • 1 year warranty on all parts

Mobile wheel lifter - rechargeable long-life 24V-20Ah battery

The mobile rechargeable wheellifter consists of 1 lifting column with a capacity of 80 kg.
A solid base frame with four solid swivel castors ensures that the wheel lifter is manoeuvrable and stable.

A 24V-20Ah battery, which is also used in electric scooters, provides the power for the electric motor.
The TL80R was tested loaded with a wheel and the up and down movement was performed 300 times before recharging was needed. Recharging the battery takes only a few hours.

Steel spindle

The TL80R is equipped with a 180 W / 24V electric motor.
A steel spindle converts the fast rotating movement of the motor to a controlled vertical up and down movement.
A low-friction resistance and a long service life are the advantages of the spindle.

Another advantage is that the wheel can not lower by its own weight.

Tire size - 2 speed - very stable wheel lifter

The wheel lifter is designed to prevent dirt to get to the spindle, the battery and the engine.
It is suitable for rims and tires size ranging from 135/80 R13 to 305/30 R26.

Due to the low chassis of 69 x 75 cm with the heavy battery, the TL80R is particularly stable, even when moving it with the pick-up fork in highest position.

In the lowest position the pick-up fork is located between the two legs at the front.
With the pick-up fork you can grab a tyre from the ground and lift it directly.
The tire lifter is compact, has a small turning circle and is easy to move and manoeuvre.

TyreON TL80R Rechargeable mobile wheel lifter

Lifting capacity 80 kg
Lifting height - wheel hub 155 cm
Lifting range 0 - 130 cm
Maximum lifting speed 11 cm per second
Raise / lower time (button 1) 12 / 10 seconds
Raise / lower time (button 2) 18 / 16 seconds
Fork length 33 cm
Fork width 43 cm
Height 171 cm
Width  75 cm
Length 69 cm
Rechargeable battery 24V-20Ah
Power of the drive motor 180 Watt
Weight total 72 kg


Available from stock
400 x up and down
€995,- €1.450,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

Wheel lifter - pick-up fork - support rollers

The wheel stands on the pick-up fork consisting of a carriage with three castors and two forks provided with rollers.
The wheel can be rotated 360° on the pick-up fork for easy lug nut alignment.


The TyreON TL80R rechargeable wheel lifter is fully tested in our factory before being packed in a sturdy wooden box accompanied by

  • The 24V battery recharger
  • The operating manual