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TPH35T-1 Air hydraulic jack 35 Tons

Capacity 35T Heavy duty air jack
1-stage jack 35T
Lifting height 36 cm - 91 cm
Model Long chassis - Long bar
Weight - Total length 86 kg - 201 cm
Application Intensive commercial use
Delivery includes Extensions
Hydraulic oil is filled
This heavy duty air jack with a minimum height of 36 cm and a lifting height of 91 cm is used in the construction, earthmoving and agricultural sectors.

This Pneumatic air jack is also suitable for vehicles with high axles.
Certified - Heavy duty air jack
CE approved: EN 12100:2010 Safety of Machinery + EN 1494:2000+A1:2008 Mobile or Moveable Jacks

Application under all conditions - Factory test
Metal shrinks or expands due to temperature differences, our heavy duty air jacks will not fail at low or high temperatures.
The pneumatic air jack has undergone load testing at -25 ° C to + 45 ° C, and static and dynamic off-center load safety tests have also been passed.

High quality garage jack - lever with 3 positions
The handle locks in 3 positions; 45º-90º and 180º.
The cylinders are chrome-plated internally and externally and resistant to wear and corrosion.
Each cylinder is equipped with 2 industrial seal rings to prevent oil- escape.
The TPH35T-1 from TyreON 1-Stage heavy duty air jack with 35,000 kg lifting capacity

This Pneumatic air jack with 1 heavy-duty piston uses 8-12 Bar compressed air to lift loads up to 35,000 kg. TyreON Heavy duty air jacks are easy to operate and have many safety options, such as a joystick with dead man's control that also controls an evenly slowed fall.

TPH35T-1 Heavy duty air jack

Capacity pneumatic air jack 35 Ton  
Minimum height 360 mm  
Maximum lift height / without adapters 910 mm / 610 mm  
Stage 1    35T 250 mm  
Total lift stroke 250 mm  
Insertion size / with wheels 205 mm / 290 mm  
Total length of the heavy duty air jack 2012 mm  
Required air pressure 8-12 Bar  (0.8-1.2 Mpa)   
Connection - DIN Euro quick coupling With 1/4" screw-thread  
Packaging - 90 kg L140 x B30 x H45 cm   



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Warranty - Pneumatic air jack - Tested before shipment

Each heavy duty air jack is functionally tested before it is packed together with its documentation.
Our pneumatic air jack has a 1 year warranty. TyreCARE means that, even after the warranty period expires, we are here to assist you with technical support.

TyreON TPH35T-1 Heavy duty air jack - Functions and & Safety

  • Dead man's control - When the hold-to-run joystick is released, the pneumatic air jack switches off and comes to a stop immediately
  • Pressure relief valve - Prevents damage to the heavy duty air jack if the load is too heavy
  • Evenly lowered load - A pressure reducing valve ensures an evenly slowed down, even with the heaviest load
  • Fast lifting - Thanks to the pneumatic high pressure pump
  • Accelerated to the load - System to bring the cylinders to the load in an accelerated manner and also to lower the jack without load
  • Solid chassis - Made of thick sheet steel, ultimate protection of the pneumatic high pressure pump and other internal parts
  • Oil circulation - If, for example, the pneumatic air jack comes to lie on its side, no oil will escape
  • Fixed position and evenly loaded lifting - Non-return valves guarantee a fully fixed position with loads at all heights and a controlled uniform lifting speed under load