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TPL4000 4 column lift - 4.56 meters runways - 4T

Capacity 4000 kg - Flat runways
Lifting height 1.93 meters
Runway length 4,56 meters
Obstacle protection (slack cable)
Mechanical safety lock
Automatic unlock (air)
Pressure relief valve
Adjustable runways
Wide - larger commercial vehicles etc.
Packaging L475 x B55 x H150 cm - 1750 kg
Jack - optional L94 x B57 x H27 cm - 115 kg
LED6 - optional 6 stuks L116 x B2,3 x H2,8 cm
Voltage 400V
Drive 2.2 kW Electric - Hydraulic
Top quality 4 post auto lift 4T for inspections, repairs and maintenance.
As standard supplied with adjustable runways and obstacle protection.
For short and long chassis cars, wide vans, wide commercial vehicles up to wheelbase L3 - Crafter, Sprinter, Movano, Master etc. with maximum distance between front and rear axle of 433.5 cm.

Fully automatic - 4 post auto lift

  • Very solid 4 post vehicle lift
  • Also wide vans, 51 cm runway-width with adjustable distance
  • 24V All-In-One control panel for lifting, unlocking and lowering (IP54)
  • Easy access thanks to extra wide ramps with punched profile
  • Suitable for low cars -115 cm long ramps
  • Mechanical synchronization - the 2 runways raise and lower simultaneously
  • Roll-off protection
  • Well finished, fully powder-coated
  • Alu-motor unit with fan and cooling fins
  • 1-year warranty on all parts - CE approved

Safety - 4 post auto lift

Each post comes with a safety lock every 8.5 cm
The 4 post car hoist locks automatically every 8.5 cm in each post.
By the lock button the auto lift falls into the safety locks and rests mechanically.
By the down button the 4 safety hooks retract and the descent starts.

Obstacle protection - 4 post garage lift
With four sensors to detect a slack cable in each corner of the loading platform.
The auto lift will direct stop lowering if an obstacle prevents descent.

Central air connection
The 4 column lift comes with a central air connection. For safety and comfort, the air hoses are integrated in the construction.
The safety release, the obstacle protection and the optional 3Tlift jack are connected to this airsystem.

Slack cable detection - All corners Locks in every column - on every 8,5 cm

Lift height limit switch - 4 post garage lift
A height switch ensures that the motor stops when the lift reaches the highest point.
This switch can be mounted at any desired height.

Foot limit switch - standard
A foot switch ensures that the auto lift stops at 35 cm height, pressing the down button again will descend the runways to the lowest point.

Standard features - four post lift

  • The 4 post car hoist is made of 5 mm thick profile and the runways of 8 mm profile
  • The hydraulic cylinder is housed under a runway, perfectly protected
  • Hard steel large running wheels to prevent wear of cables and the wheels
  • A bracket ensures the steel cable cannot escape from the wheels
  • Broken cable + broken oil-hose protected
  • Overload valve - prevents damage due too heavy loads
  • Main power switch on the control unit
  • Central valve in pump unit - the 4 post auto lift can be lowered manually (if power failure)
  • The 4 post garage lift is equipped with grease nipples
Soon available again
Obstacle protection
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs


Interested in the TPL4000 4 column lift - 4.56 meters runways - 4T? Request an offer.

TyreON TPL4000 four post auto lift


Four post lift - 4 post hoist

Capacity 4000 kg    
Lifting height 193 cm    
Runway length 456,4 cm    
Length of the ramps 115 cm    
Width of the car - maximum 271,5 cm  
Runway width 51 cm    
Distance between runways - adjustable 90 - 100 cm    
Drive on height 22 cm    
Lifting time 40 sec    
Connection Voltage 400V/ 3 ph      
Engine power 2.2 kW    
Required compressed air pressure 4-8 Bar    
Fuse 4 post hoist 16 Ampere    

3T air-hydraulic jack (optional) 

Air-hydraulic jack capacity 3000 kg    
lifting height jack 48  cm    

Soon available again
Obstacle protection
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

Delivery - 4 post auto lift

The 4 post garage lift is tested and packed with;

  • The hydraulic power unit and control unit for the four post lift
  • Cabling and other installation materials
  • Installation and operating manual
  • Hydraulic oil is not included - 20L HV-ISO-32 can be ordered optionally
  • Optional - Rolling air jack - 3000 kg
  • Optional - LED6 - Runway lighting x 6

OPTIONAL: Installation on location at an additional cost is possible.

NOTE: We recommend having the TyreON TPL4000 4 post car hoist installed by a recognised company.