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TPL6400A 4 post alignment lift 5,21 m runways 6.4T / TPL6400XLA 5.81 m

Capacity 6400 kg - Alignment (also 3D)
Lifting height 1,95 meters
Runway length 5,21 / 5,81 meters
LED on runways
Obstacle protection (slack cable)
Mechanical safety lock
Automatic unlock (air)
Pressure relief valve
Extra wide for trucks, campers etc.
Alignment plates + turning plates
Package L540 x B60 x H125 cm - 2300 kg (XLA 2400 kg)
Optional 60 cm extensions - TPL6400XLA
Voltage 400V
Precisely manufactured with the help of laser cutting and robot welding. This solid and safe 4 post alignment lift is designed for intensive use.

Optional TyreON TRJ32A - 3.2T jack
  • 3200 kg air hydraulic lift jack
  • Rolling and extendable up to 147 cm width
  • With height adapters and rubber blocks
  • Minimum height 2 cm relative to the runways, maximum height 44 cm

TPL6400(XL)A 4 post alignment lift - long runways

For all models of passenger cars, light trucks, tractors, campers, agricultural vehicles etc.

  • LED runway lights and slack cable protection
  • 24V all-in-one control panel to lift, lock and descend
  • Also for small ground clearance cars - long ramps, 17.8 cm height
  • The lock-hole-strips in each column can be adjusted in height to level the runways
  • With lock-button - Let the 4 post alignment lift rest in its safety locks
  • Smooth lifting and lowering due 3.0 kW driven hydraulic cylinder
  • Hand pump to lower the alignment lift in case of fault or power failure
  • Ramps can be mounted on each side
  • Very nicely finished and powder coated

Align vehicles - Regular and 3D alignment  

If well aligned, a vehicle drives "straight across the road".
It benefits driving comfort, tire wear and the operation of the driver assistance system.
If the chassis is aligned as prescribed by the manufacturer also the safety is contributed.
Alignment of vehicles with wheelbases ranging from 1.9 - 4.2 meters.
The rear alignment plates can be locked. The 45 cm front plates are coloured RAL7016. (as the alignment lift)

Safety - 4 post alignment lift

CE certified - Directive EN1493:2010 

  • Pressure relief valve (no damage - too heavy car)
  • Limit stop switch at 35 cm (CE-Stop - foot protection)
  • A limit height switch stops the engine when the lift reaches highest point
  • 4 x roll-off protection (2 x fixed and 2 x movable)
  • The runways are synchronized with cables (steel)
  • The cables are spring-tensioned - no backlash
  • Each column comes with a mechanical lock
  • Central check valve in the hydraulic pump
  • Broken hose protected

Auto-Stop at obstacle - 4 post alignment lift

Obstacle protection - factory assembled 
A sensors for detection a slack cable at every corner.
The 4 post alignment lift will immediately stop lowering if an obstacle prevents the descend.

Integrated LED runway lights - 4 post alignment lift

Factory assembled


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Interested in the TPL6400A 4 post alignment lift 5,21 m runways 6.4T / TPL6400XLA 5.81 m? Request an offer.

TyreON TPL6400A - 4 post alignment lift - 5215 mm runways - Possibilities

TyreON TPL6400XLA - 4 post alignment lift - 5815 mm runways - Possibilities

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The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

Connection value - 4 post alignment lift

  • Electro-hydraulic
  • 400V / 3 Phase
  • 3.0kW drive motor 
  • 6 - 8 Bar required air connection 6 - 8 Bar (unlocking + rolling jack)
  • Weight 2250 kg

The delivery - 4 post alignment lift

The TyreON alignment lift is functional tested and packaged with

  • Hydraulic power unit and control unit for the 4 post alignment lift
  • Cabling plus other installation materials
  • Installation plus operating manual
  • Two front turning plates
  • Rear alignment plates - pre-assembled
  • LED runway lights - pre-assembled
  • Obstacle protection - pre-assembled
  • Hydraulic oil is not included - 25L  type HV-ISO-32