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TSC2800E mobile car scissor lift - automatic locking of the lifting arms - 230V

Capacity 2700 kg - Mobile
Lifting height 12,5 - 140 cm
Drive 2,2 kW Electric - Hydraulic
Type Fully automatic
Electrically unlocked
No air required
Adjustable lowering speed
Parking function (Lock)
Automatic lock of lifting arms
Including Lifting pads and height adapters (16)
Package L230 x B107 x H85 cm - 476 kg
Promo - For free Hand pump - lowering if power failure
Voltage 230V
Order the TSC2800E and get for free:
  • Hand pump - lower if power failure - (€125)

This mobile car scissor lift can be used for bodywork, repairs, professional cleaning, in garages, hobby, lettering and so on.

Mobile controller unit with tow pin
The controller comes with a leverage-pin to move the car scissor lift.

Lifts Fiat 500 to larger passenger cars and small commercial vehicles up to 2.7T.
The sills of the vehicle are easily accessible due swing arm design.

The TyreON TSC2800E passed 115% dynamic and 150% static safety load tests.

CE approved directive EN1493: 2010
Per 2021 BMW grey

TyreON TSC2800E
Latest model - Mobile car scissor lift  2.7T
Works amazingly well, smooth, and solid

  • New!
  • Fully automatic, lifting, unlocking and lowering with all-in-one controller
  • Automatic locking of the 4 lifting arms (CE)
  • Acoustic and optical signal during lowering (CE)
  • Hand pump to lower if power failure or malfunction (ISO standard)
  • In addition to all CE provisions also with broken hose safety valves (ISO standard)
  • Lock button - parking function (lower and rest the car into the safety lock
  • Low-noise alu-engine with connection value  16 Amps - 230V
  • 95% pre-assembled, easy self-install - Automatic venting
  • 1 man can move the mobile scissor lift with astonishing ease
  • For indoor use - powder coated finish
  • Low-noise engine with connection value <= 16 Amps - 230V
  • Can be placed on a flat, hard surface
  • 2 hydraulic lifting cylinders
  • Lifting arms of laminated steel
  • Steel oil tank


Scoop - Automatic locking of the support arms

The TSC2800E meets the most recent and mandatory CE standards

TyreON designed this mobile scissor lift with auto-lock lifting arms and leaves old unsafe systems far behind. When the lift rises, the 4 arms are automatically locked in their position under the car. If the lift comes to the lowest position, all arms are automatically released.

  • Each arm is swingable and can be moved to a jacking point on the sills of the car.
  • The lifting pads are slidable and can be locked in any position on the arm
  • It is impossible the arms to swing or to shift with load


No air required - Automatic electromagnetic release of the hook

This mobile car scissor lift comes with a mechanical safety lock at 7 positions.
There is no compressed air required due the safety hook is unlocked electrically.



Mobile car scissor lift - Large floor bearings 

All four ends of the scissors are fitted with hard steel roller bearings.
The wide floor bearings roll smoothly, in practice this powerful car scissor lift has proven not to have problems with floor surface imperfections.

With 1,03 meter width, one can easily drive also small cars across the car lift. The carlift can also be moved under a stationary car by 1 person. 

Mobile car scissor lift - Suitable for many types of cars

For professional use

Mobile car lift - Automatic electromagnetic release - Technology

Long service life due to applied techniques and high-quality materials

  • Control buttons and the electrical circuit are 24 Volts (CE)
  • A non-return valve in the pump prevents the lift to descend
  • The position of the support arms on the platform is assured, shifting the load is impossible (CE)
  • Mechanical safety hook locks at 7 positions (CE)
  • Automatic 24V electric release of the hook
  • Alu-engine with fan, fins, and protective bar
  • Main switch on the control panel with on-off indicator light
  • TyreCARE - Delivery of original parts even after the warranty period of the mobile car lift
Available from stock
Fully automatic
140 cm height
€1.375,- €1.595,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs
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Interested in the TSC2800E mobile car scissor lift - automatic locking of the lifting arms - 230V? Request an offer.

TyreON TSC2800E Mobile car scissor lift with adjustable lowering speed



Technical details mobile car scissor lift

Lifting capacity 2700 kg      
Maximum lifting height with lifting arms about 125 cm 120 cm without lifting arms    
Maximum lifting height with pads adapters 140 cm      
Minimum height lifting arms 12,5 cm  11 cm without lifting arms    
Lifting time / lowering time 30 / 15 sec (adjustable)      
Standard length of the lifting tables 168,5 cm      
Variable platform length of the car lift 36 - 185 cm      
Standard width of the platform 103 cm      
Variable loading width 123 - 174 cm     )
Length hydraulic hose 275 cm (controller - lift)      
Adjustable upward force / lowering speed  ✓ / ✓      

Additional information

Type Electric - hydraulic      
Engine power 2.2 kW      
Voltage  230V / 1Ph / 50Hz      
Fuse rating  ≤ 16 Ampere      
Air  No air required      
Advised ground clearance of the vehicle  ≥  13,5 cm      
Weight 420 kg      
Weight controller 31 kg      

Available from stock
Fully automatic
140 cm height
€1.375,- €1.595,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

Mobile car lift

  • Professional heavy version
  • Stable and powerful and fits in small spaces.
  • The mobile scissorlift is CE certified and has a 1 year warranty

The delivery mobile car scissor lift

The mobile car scissor lift and its controller are functional factory tested and packed in two wooden crates together with:

  • 16-piece set of lifting pads and height adapters (height 3, 7,5 or 15 cm)
  • Installation and operating manual
  • Hydraulic oil is not included (6 liters hv-iso-32 is optional)