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TSC3500X2 full rise scissorlift - hydraulic mechanical lock

Capacity 3500 kg - On floor
Lifting height 11,5 - 200 cm
Platform length 147 - 204 cm
Drive 3 kW Electric - Hydraulic
Type Fully automatic
hydraulic mechanical safety lock
No air - immediate descent
Auto-stop at 25 cm + slow descend
IR synchronization monitoring
Own weight 950 kg
Easy to install, automatic venting and platform leveling procedure
Including Floor bolts
A coded hydraulic hose set
Package L205 x B75 x H155 cm - 1000 kg
Voltage 400V or 230V
The internal hydraulic mechanical locks are making compressed air unnecessary and the immediate descent as the down button is pressed possible.

With 147 cm platforms all small cars can fit and the drive up ramps can be locked in the upward position to extend the platform length for longer vehicles up to 3500 kg.

Easy to use and maintain. Space-saving design, ideal with limited space.

TyreON TSC3500X2
Full rise scissorlift

TyreON supplies the TSC3500X2 with hydraulic mechanical technology, low maintenance and a safe immediate descent are characteristic of this technology.
Thanks to the laser detection, the lift stops at an uneven height of the platforms.

  • Solid double car scissor lift for professional intensive use
  • hydraulic mechanical lock with immediate descent
  • Low voltage control system with all-in-one control panel
  • The controller can be mounted on either side of the lift
  • Shears made of solid steel and ribbed drive up ramps
  • Tip-lever-lift system and finished with powder coating
  • CE certified and 1 year warranty on parts
  • Communicating cylinders, the lifting tables always go up and down exactly the same
  • Easy fast installation, automatic venting and platform leveling

Automatic venting and leveling

This low profile double scissor lift is easily fixed to the floor and linked to the control unit with the hose set. With one button in the control unit the hydraulic system is vented and the tables are leveled at the same time.


Other advantages

  • Rubber protection flaps on the hoses under the ramps
  • Easy car access thanks to the 63 cm wide tables and ramps with anti-slip profile
  • Silent 3 kW Italian made hydraulic pump
  • 16A fuse in the control unit
  • The upward force and the descent speed are adjustable
  • A pressure relief valve prevents damage when the vehicle is too heavy
  • Protective hoods on all lifting cylinders
  • Reinforcement profiles on under the lifting platforms
  • Increased height of control console

Safety - Extra CE stop at a height of 25 cm

The lifting platforms are monitored with a laser. This monitoring serves two safety functions;

  • The lift stops immediately at a height difference of 1.5 cm or more between the two lifting platforms
  • The lift stops if a person walks between the tables during lifting or lowering


Other security provisions

  • Optical and acoustic signal when descending
  • Auto-stop at a height of 25 cm (The down button must be pressed again)
  • A height switch ensures that the engine stops when the lift reaches the highest point
  • Due to the hydraulic mechanical locking it is impossible for the lift to fall in the event of a hose break
  • Aluminum motor with cooling fins and fan against overheating
  • Procedure for lowering in the event of a power failure
  • On-off main switch with indicator light on the panel
  • The lift only functions if the laser on the control panel is switched on
Available from stock
No air required
€3.350,- €3.795,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs
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Technique and the possibilities of the TyreON TSC3500X2 full rise car scissorlift



Technical details 

Lifting capacity 3500 kg    
Maximum lifting height 200 cm    
Initial drive on height 11,5 cm    
Time lifting / lowering 40 / 30 sec    
Platform length 147 - 204  (ramps up) cm  
Width platforms 63 cm    
Space between the lift platforms 75 - 90 (with the supplied hose set) cm    

Other information

Type Electric - Hydraulic      
Engine power 3.0 kW    
Hydraulic working pressure 25 / 250  Mpa / Bar    
Voltage (50Hz) 400V/3Ph   or   230V/1Ph      
Ampere of fuse 16  Ampère    
Noiselevel <= 60 dB    
Weight (approx.) (without controller) 950 kg    
Controller sizes -  L x B x H L45 x W40 x H104 cm      

Available from stock
No air required
€3.350,- €3.795,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

4 Lifting rams - Tip-Lever-Lifting - Grease nipples

A 3.5 T double, short, extra low full rise scissor lift for floor mounting. The ultra flat lift platforms are also suitable for low sports cars.
With the double hydraulic cylinders per lifting table and the tip-lever lifting system, the lift lifts directly with full force from a height of 11,5 cm.
The pivot points are equipped with grease nipples. 


Delivery of the full rise scissor lift

In our factory, the TyreON TSC3500X2 double scissor lift and the control unit are tested for all functions and packed together with;

  • The installation and operating manual
  • Floor anchoring bolts
  • A coded hydraulic 400 bar hose set + accessories
  • A set of galvanized floor protection hoods
  • A galvanized cable tray
  • 4 rubber sill blocks - each 8 cm high
  • 4 rubber sill blocks - each 3 cm high
  • Hydraulic oil is not included - 15 Liter HV-ISO-32 is optional