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TSC3500X2iL In floor scissor lift - Double extensions

Capacity 3500 kg
Liftheight 214 cm (180 net)
Drive 3.0 kW Electric - Hydraulic
Type Fully automatic - Heavy duty (900 kg own weight)
Platforms 166 - 206 cm Double extensions
CE-Stop + 3 extra safety switches
Parking at any height (lock function)
C/w Floor bolts + rubber blocks
Voltage 400V or 230V
In ground scissor lift for short-chassis and longer vehicles and vehicles with an extended chassis up to 3.5T
The ideal solution for lifting low sports and luxury cars.

Quality product - recessed scissor lift

Very precisely manufactured with the help of laser cutting and robot welding.
The solid, durable and safe in ground scissor lift is designed for intensive daily use.
Due the extendable platforms also extended vehicles fit well.

In ground scissor lift - many features

  • Grease nipples and 57 cm wide platforms
  • 3 kW drive engine with low noise level
  • Noiseless double mechanical safety locks
  • Automatic unlocking (air required)
  • Electric 24 V circuit on the in ground lift and for all operating functions
  • Optical and acoustic signal while descending
  • Alu-housed engine comes with a fan against overheating
  • Overload valve
  • Procedure for lowering in the event of a power failure
  • Hydraulic check valves
  • High controller with a 16A internal fuse
  • CE-certified

Other characteristics

  • Controller can be placed left or right
  • Heavy construction, thick base plates, robust scissors
  • Two powerful, hard-chromed hydraulic cilinders for powerful lifting and lowering
  • Silent Italian made hydraulic pump
  • Lock-function
  • The recessed scissor lift is powder coated
  • The descent speed and the upward force can be adjusted
  • Hydraulic synchronisation makes the platforms move up and down simultaneously
  • Hose set resistant to 400 Bar
  • TyreCARE: Long-term delivery of spare parts is guaranteed

In ground scissor lift with safety switches

The controller, together with three safety switches and the CE-Stop, ensures a high level of safety and ease of operation.

  • CE safety switch at 30 cm height (press the down button again to continue the descend)
  • A height switch ensures that the engine stops when the lift reaches the highest point
  • Safety switch on both mechanical locks of the recessed scissor car lift

Available from stock
In floor - 3500 kg
€2.895,- €3.295,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs


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The TyreON TSC3500X2iL In Ground Scissor Lift - Electric Hydraulic



Technical details

Lifting capacity 3500 kg    
Maximum lifting height (gross) 2140 mm    
Maximum lifting height (net) 1800 + 60 rubber blocks mm    
Lifting / lowering time 40 / 30 (Both adjustable) sec    
Platform length (extensions at both sides) 1660 - 2060 mm  
Width of the platforms 570 mm    
Distance between platforms 780 - 910 (variabel) mm    
Max. distance controller - Left or right 2750 (with included hose set) mm    

Other information - recessed scissor lift

Engine power 3.0 kW    
Required air pressure 4 - 8 Bar    
Hydraulic working pressure 25 / 250 Mpa / Bar    
Voltage  400V/3Ph of 230V/1Ph      
Ampere of fuse 20 Ampère    
Installation depth 340 + 10 mm    
Noise level <= 60 dB    
Weight (approx.) (without controller) 900 kg    
Controller sizes -  L x B x H 45 x 40 x 104 cm    

Installation dimensions

Inner dimensions in floor recess section 1 LxBxH  -  167,5  x 58,5 x 35 cm      
Inner dimensions in floor recess section 2 LxBxH  -  167,5  x 58,5 x 35 cm      
Diameter pipe lift section 1 to section 2 Ø 7 cm      
Diameter pipe to the controller Ø 7 cm      

Available from stock
In floor - 3500 kg
€2.895,- €3.295,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

Hose set - Recessed scissor lift

With the hydraulic hose set the platforms can be placed with a gap of 78 cm to 91 cm. If the hoses are extended, this space can be widened.

Delivery - in ground scissor lift

The TyreON TSC3500X2iL inground scissor lift and controller are functional tested and packed in wooden crates with;

  • The installation and operating manual
  • A set of floor bolts
  • A color-coded hydraulic hose set + accessories
  • 4 rubber blocks - 6 cm
  • Hydraulic oil is not included - 15 Liters HV-ISO-32 can be ordered optionally
  • Package recessed scissor car lift -  L170 x B80 x H195 cm - 950 kg