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TyreON TSC4000X2A Alignment scissor lift - In floor - Free wheel lifting system - 4.8m lightened runways - 4T

Capacity 4000 kg - In floor
Liftheight 216 cm
Runway LxW 480 cm x 60,8 cm
Drive motor 2,6 kW (16A)
2nd Scissor 4T - H43cm - L1.5 to 2m
Bonus features ►TyreON LED8P runway lighting
►Rails for rolling jack
►Hose sets + floor covers
Optional ►2.5T rolling jack (TRJ25A)
►SUV adapter set (TOP160)
Shipment to all countries except Germany
Voltage 400V
Iinstallation depth 29 cm
Inground installation alignment scissor lift with free wheel movement capability (in runways).
Display for reading the status of diverse functions of the alignment scissor car lift.
The most robust and reliable 4T inground alignment scissor lift available.

Perfect balanced scissor car lift for accurate wheel alignment with about 1 meter of workspace between the runways.

  • Large working range from very short to very long wheelbase
  • Integrated LED lighting along the length of the runways
  • Wheel-free lifting system with extendable lifting platforms
  • Heavy duty hydraulic pump with load sensing lowering valve
  • Multi-functional: for inspection, maintenance, repair, wheel alignment, testing of headlights and driver assistance systems, etc.

Per 2021 with anthracite RAL7016 runways

TyreON TSC4000X2A Alignment scissor lift - inground installation

  • Suitable for short and long passenger cars (multiple stretch extra large) vans and small lorries
  • The 4.8 meter long runways are 60.8 cm wide
  • With long scissors and oversized runways
  • Two hydraulic cylinders for heavy lifting
  • Manual override for descending in case of power outage (handpump)
  • Reduction valve - Control over descending speed
  • Safety valve (overload safety) - No damage to car lift in case of overload
  • Ascending/descending in about 60 sec.
  • Remote controlled lift of about 2,6 meter or less
  • Entirely powder coated finish
  • Required air pressure 6 - 8 bar
  • Width 221,3 cm cm and total length 513 cm
  • Weight of alignment scissor lift 2600 kg
  • Required concrete floor 15-20 cm - C20/25
  • Simple installation with system integrated depressurization and runway leveling out procedure
  • Controller L35,5 xW 37 x H108 (cm)


2nd scissor - Free Wheel system and wheel alignment

With the extra long rear wheel plates and spacious recesses for turntables, the TSC4000X2A is suitable for aligning short and long chassis vehicles up to 4T.

  • Regular and 3D wheel alignment
  • Hydraulic free wheel system -  4000 kg - Lift height 43 cm
  • Extendable platforms 150 - 200 cm
  • Runways with removable shims for turntables
  • Runways with built-in movable rear wheel plates - mechanically lockable
  • XL rear wheel plates - 1.8 meter

Safety features - CE-Stop - In Floor alignment scissor lift

  • Voltage through entire lift and control panel is only 24V
  • Automatic and accurate syncing function of the runways
  • CE-Stop: end height switch at 30 cm, additional manual input required for final stage of descending
  • Lowered descending velocity during final stage.
  • Acoustic and optical signal final stage of descending
  • Hydraulic shut-off valve
  • Tube failure safety system
  • Automatic safety lockup - 19 lock positions
  • Automatic unlocking of safety system (air)
  • Built-in sensor shuts down engine at maximal level of the alignment scissor car lift 
  • Runways with roll of protection

Alignment scissor car lift - Bonus features as standard 


  • 4T Capacity
  • 216 cm Lifting height
  • Alignment
  • 4.8 meter runways
  • Free wheel system with extendable platforms
  • 4 rubber lifting blocks
  • Mounting in floor

  • TyreON LED8P runway lighting LED 24V LED including grilles for protection
  • Rails for support of optional rolling jack

  • Hydraulic tube set
  • Air tube set
  • Floor covers
  • Groundanchors


Alignment scissor lift in ground

The TyreON TSC4000X2A is CE certificated and meets the following safety standards

• EN1493:2010 Vehicle Lifts
• EN 60204-1:2006+AC:2010 Safety of machinery - Electrical equipment of machines - Part1: General requirements
• EN ISO 12100:2010 Safety of  machinery – general principles for design – Risk assessment and risk reduction
Available from stock
In Floor- 4T
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs


Interested in the TyreON TSC4000X2A Alignment scissor lift - In floor - Free wheel lifting system - 4.8m lightened runways - 4T? Request an offer.
Available from stock
In Floor- 4T
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

Optional with the alignment scissor car lift on floor 

  • TyreON TRJ25A 2.5T rolling jack
  • 41 cm lift without adapters
  • 2 adapters 8 cm
  • Extendable 766 - 1626 mm
  • TyreON TOP160 SUV adapter set
  • Set of 2 crossbeams for small framed vehicles, SUV's 

  • TyreON TTA2 frontwheel alignment turn plates
  • Movable plate Ø 35,5 cm
  • 2 pieces


  • TSC4000X2A   L490 x B65 x H75 cm - 2400 kg
  • Controller, powerunit, a set LED runwaylights L120 x B70 x H50 cm - 50 kg
  • Box with hydraulic hose sets, floor covers, mounting materials   L185 x B70 x H35 cm - 100 kg
  • Optional TOP160 SUV adapter set L170 x B25 x H25 cm - 50 kg
  • Optional TRJ25A 2.5T rolling jack  L95 x B60 x H35 cm - 150 kg