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TWA-3D car wheel aligner (mobile)

TyreON TWA-3D 3D alignment
Standard with Autodata
No subscription to Autodata required
Delivery from stock
Lightweight targets with 3 points
Now supplied with lightweight 3-point compact reflection shields (targets) and cameras with extra high resolution.

TyreON 3D alignment computer

TyreON offers a very accurate and very well finished 3D alignment device.
Super-fast and moreover it appears that the TyreON TWA-3D wheel aligner with a minimal difference between the carriageways is more accurate than the aligners of the well-known expensive brands.

The TyreON TWA-3D alignment computer comes with compact and light 3-point reflection shields and a large monitor.
The cameras search for the reflection shields themselves and follows them as soon as the carlift raises or descends.
The alignment machine is standard supplied with a recent version of Autodata on a USB stick.


This alignment machine is mobile, the solution there is not enough room for permanently installation or if you want to use it in multiple places.


  • Fully automatic tracking of the targets
  • Super fast and accurate alignment
  • With 3 point targets less contact with the rim
  • Mobile (with unique locking and level system)
  • Low costs  (No expensive Autodata subscription required)
  • Insensitive to deviations in the lift
  • Unique, the system looks completely in a 3D, independent of the environment
  • Easy adjustment of the lift and the alignment system


Standard delivery

  • Luxury controller
  • Automatically moving cameras
  • DELL computer (LCD)
  • High quality printer and keyboard
  • Brake servant
  • Steering wheel clamp
  • Turntables (for front wheel alignment)
  • Vehicle height meter
  • Recent version of Autodata (on USB stik)

Operation in steps - Example

  • Drive the car on the lift
  • Check the tyre pressure and wear patterns
  • Mount the reflection shields as indicated on the screen
  • The program will guide you step by step through the alignment program guided by text and film
  • Extra option is 0 rack for Mercedes Benz and subframe adjustment for VAG
  • Enter customer data including name and address, license plate number, mileage, chassis number and the name of technician
  • Enter make and vehicle type
  • Follow-up the program instructions
  • Print the data for the customer and own administration at the end of the cycle

Available language settings: Dutch, German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese,
Turkish, Russian, Romanian and Polish

In stock
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs


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In stock
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

Now available - new model

Now supplied as standard from stock with 3-point compact reflection shields (targets) and cameras with even more pixels.