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Interested in a truck tyre changer but not sure which model?
Read this page to learn more about the tyre size and the capabilities of by example the TyreON T600 truck tyre changer.

In the illustration above, the tyre size [ 315/80R22.5 ] of a large tyre is exposed. This will determine the size of the tyre.

1) 315 (mm)

This number indicates the width of the tyre. The width is often stated in millimetres.
This tire is 315 millimetres or 31.5 centimetres wide.

2) 80 (%) - Aspect ratio - height / width

The height of the sidewall of the tyre expressed as a percentage of the tyre width.
In this example the sidewall height of the tyre is 80% of 31.5 cm.  So the sidewall measures a height of 25.2 cm.

3) R (Radial)

The tyre construction can be indicated with an R, which stands for Radial.

4) 22.5 (Inch)

Perhaps the most significant number on the tyre, the diameter of the rim.
It is measured in Inches. The diameter of the rim from this tyre is 22.5 Inch.

The TyreON T600 truck tyre mounting machine can handle this tyre without problem.
Tyres with a rim diameter up to 26 Inch can be mounted with the T600.
Also the width of 31.5 cm will be no problem. The T600 can fit tyres with a width up to 78 centimetres.

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