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Delivery – Warranty


Placing of the machine

All tyre disassemble machines have been provided with a central lifting eye and several floor fixation holes. After placing the machine, it is possible to fixate the machine on the floor.


Delivered ready-to-use, Plug and Go!

The tyre change machine is delivered with a 5 pole power plug that can be used with 3-phase electric power, 400~230 Volts, 50 Hz.
Do you want a machine that can be used for singe-phase electric power or with another voltage or with 60 Hz? That is possible, please contact us!


Delivered ready-to-use

Before the shipment, the machine is filled with hydraulic oil and all functions are tested.
Then the machine will be packed, together with the standard accessories in a strong wooden transport crate on a pallet.
This is how the TyreON will be delivered to you ready-to-use, Plug and Go!


Fuses to be used with the machines

TyreON T600 / 400 Volt,  16 A
TyreON T600 / 230 Volt,  16 - 20 A
TyreON T600C2 / 400 Volt,  20 A
TyreON T650M / 400 Volt,  10 - 16 A
TyreON T700S / 400 Volt,  16 - 20 A
TyreON T700S / 230 Volt,  25 A
TyreON T700 / 400 Volts,  20 A
TyreON T1000 / 400 Volts,  25 A


Warranty and TyreCARE

TyreON provides a 1-year warranty on all components of your device.
In case of a defect component, TyreON changes this part for a new one free of charge.
TyreCARE means that we are ready to help you with technical support, information and advice also after the warranty-period.


Did you loose your manual, do you a questions about it or do you want a digital version?
Mail your question, a copy invoice and a picture of the machine to tyrecare@tyreon.eu
You will receive the desired information from us as soon as possible.


Supply of components

All TyreON components and accessories can be delivered from stock. 
Call +31 (0)72 - 54 01 001 or send an email to info@tyreon.eu
We are open on working days from 9:00 to 18:00 hours and we are easy-to-reach.

Delivery throughout Europe.

For more information and rates for delivery within and outside of Europe, please contact TyreON.