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TL40E2 2 post lift - fully automatic

Capacity 4000 kg
Lifting height 9 - 193 cm
Vehicle length Short to Long
Short arms 2-part: 62 - 88 cm
Long arms 2-part: 82 - 126 cm
Application Commercial
Between columns 278 cm
Construction 602 kg
2,2 kW Electric hydraulic
All-in-one 24V control unit
2 parking (lock) positions
C/w 2-stage lifting pads
Entry-level 2 column car lift with a top price-performance ratio comes with the usual safety options, 2-part short and 2-part long arms, height adjustable lifting pads and a flat threshold.

This 2 post lift is suitable for short and long passenger cars, vans and light commercial vehicles.
Competitively priced, so also for the private user.

TyreON TL40E2 2 floor plate vehicle lift

Due to the solid 602 kg construction, 14 mm baseplates, and the electrical release this 2 column car lift is suitable for safe professional use. For a good load distribution, the front support arms are shorter than the arms that lift the rear of the car. Due short and long arms, the accessibility of the car and the front doors is better.

  • CE Certified - directive EN1493: 2010
  • Mechanically locked at various heights
  • Automatic electrical released
  • All-in-one 24V control panel with main switch
  • Also suitable for very low cars
  • Alu-Engine of industrial quality with fan and cooling fins
  • Support yokes with 1,4 cm thick sheet steel
  • Power unit with steel tank at the top of the column
  • 1 year warranty for all parts

Options + safety - TL40E2 PRO 2 column car lift


  • Provided with extra options
  • Parking function (second car under)
  • Support yokes with door protection rubbers
  • 5 cm adjustable plug-in lifting pads
  • 2-part short and 2-part long lifting arms
  • A limit switch stops the engine when the lift comes to the highest point
  • Protective covers in the openings of the columns
  • Standard options
  • 4 lifting arms with auto-lock and un-lock
  • Foot protection on all arms
  • Each column comes with a lifting cylinder
  • Overload protection (pressure relief valve)
  • Synchronization cables (steel) - Also with uneven load the 4 arms move up and down evenly
  • A bracket ensures the position of the chain
  • Self-lubricating lifting mechanism - easily accessible grease points
  • Finished with high quality powder coating

Automatic mechanical lock - 2 catches in each column

  • Automatic unlocking and descending with one button
  • The safety catches are electromagnetically retracted, after which the descend starts
  • Lock button; The lift drops onto the safety catches and then rests mechanically
  • This locking feature is also used to park a vehicle at height


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€1.295,- €1.495,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs


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TL40E2 2 Column car lift

Lifting capacity 4000   kg      
Maximum lifting height 1930   mm      
Lowest position lifting arms, pads included 90   mm      
Time up / down 45 / 30   sec      
Threshold 35   mm      
Engine power 2.2   kW      
Power connection 230V/1Ph      
Fuse 20A      
Electric circuit on the 2 Column car lift 24V      
Steel: base / support yokes / columns / arms 14 / 14 / 6 / 6 (thickness in mm)      
Diameter piston rods of the lifting cylinders  40 mm      
Hydraulic oil 10 Liters      
Required height - car fully raised 3,5 to approximately 4 meters      


Not in stock
€1.295,- €1.495,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

TyreON TL40E2 - Electric hydraulic 2 column car lift 

Thisbase plate car lift comes with the safety options, height adjustable lifting pads and a flat threshold.
Lifts short and long cars, vans and light commercial vehicles.
Competitively priced, so also for private users.

Delivery - 2 Column car lift

  • Set of mounting anchors
  • 4 lifting pads (adjustable)  
  • Cables and other installation materials
  • Manual for operation, installation and maintenance
  • Hydraulic oil is not included - 10 Liters HV-ISO-32 is optional
  • Package L291 x B45 x H102 cm - 650 kg

NOTE: We recommend having the TyreON TL45E PRO 2 column car lift  installed by a specialized company.