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TL50E PRO 2 post lift - fully automatic

Capacity 5000 kg - fully automatic
Lifting height 11,6 - 195,5 cm
Vehicle length Very short to Multiple extended
Arms front 3-part : 82 - 170 cm
Arms back 3-part : 82 - 170 cm
Application Heavy duty professional
Construction 1075 kg
Between columns 320 cm
2.6 kW Electric hydraulic
All-in-one 24V control unit
Parking (lock) position every 5 cm
Obstacle protection (slack cable)
Low noise
Vehicle width up to 283.8 cm
Direct lowering(The lift does not first raise a bit)
C/w 2-stage lifting pads
Optional 6T base reinforcement kit (BFK6)
Voltage 400V
Promo - For Free Adapters 4 x 8 cm + 4 x 15,5 cm (HA8)
Promo - For Free Hand pump - lowering if power failure
Foundation 20 cm thick reinforced concrete C25/20
Certification CE / TÜV standard EN1493:2010
Package Packaging L290 x W55 x H95 cm - 1075 kg
Controller L45 x W27 x H27 cm - 10 kg
Powerunit L83 x W30 x H30 cm - 25 kg
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  • HA8 set of plug-in height adapters
  • Hand pump, lowering if power failure

With 5.0 tons of lifting capacity and four 3-way telescopic lifting arms, a very wide range of vehicles can be lifted.

Intended for lifting small passenger cars such as Toyota IQ and Smart to multiple-extension commercial vehicles such as MB Sprinters, small rigids, large motorhomes and heavy commercial vehicles up to 283.8 cm wide.

In the factory safety test, the TyreON TL50E PRO has successfully been loaded dynamically up to 115% and statically up to 150% of the 5000 kg lifting capacity.

The vehicle lift is supplied optional with a 6000 kg base reinforcement kit that is mounted over the column foot plates.

Fully automatic un-lock
Locks every 5 cm, much more safe than 5T and 6T 2 column lifts locking at only 2 height positions.

By the down button, the safety locks immediately retract and the lift immediately starts its descent. The 2 post lift does not raise a bit first.

TyreON TL50E

Heavy PRO version with many (safety) options
Due to the 1075 kg heavy construction, thick floor plates, automatic mechanical locking every 5 cm in both columns, this vehicle lift is suitable for heavy duty professional safe use.


  • Fully automatic
  • Lift, lower, secure and unlock with buttons on the control panel
  • Direct automatic electric unlocking (the car does not rise a bit first)
  • Parking function with lock button on the control panel
  • The fully integrated hand pump allows precise adjustment of the lifting height for engine and transmission installations, exhaust, and much more.
  • 4 lifting arms with aut-lock and auto-unlock
  • Hydraulic lifting system with two lifting cylinders (few moving parts)
  • Power transmission with heavy duty bar chains (also applied to forklifts)
  • Lifting mechanism with sliding blocks made of nano material, self-lubricating and maintenance-free
  • Easily accessible grease nipples
  • Large door protection rubbers
  • Plug-in 5.5 cm 2-stage adjustable lifting-pads for fast height adjustment
  • Lifting pads with anti-twist protection
  • Low noise aluminum industrial engine, thermally protected
  • Power unit with steel oil tank at the top of the column
  • 3 cm threshold for cars with extremely low ground clearance
  • Comfortable working on vehicles with a high roof
  • 1 year warranty on all parts
  • Practical holder for height adapters
  • Finished with powder coating
  • 1 year warranty on all parts


  • CE certified - standard EN1493:2010
  • The controls and electrical circuit on the lift are 24 Volt
  • Steel synchronization cables equipped with slack cable protection
  • Safety mechanism with automatic activation every 5 cm
  • High stability thanks to specially designed lifting columns and column foot plates with small dimensions
  • Pressure relief valve on the power unit in case of an overweight vehicle
  • Broken hose protection, parachute valve on both cylinders
  • Limit switch and emergency stop
  • Hand pump for lowering in the event of a power failure
  • Foot protection on all lifting arms
  • A steel bracket guarantees the position of the chain on the pulley
  • Column floor plates with 8 mounting points er column
  • Optional 6000 kg base reinforcement kit with 6 extra mounting points per column

Vehicle length - Heavy duty professional use

The image below is an indication, the vehicles with differences in wheelbase and vehicle length serve as an example. Of course, many models from other brands also fit on the vehicle lift. Always consult the drawing(s) with the dimensions on this webpage or contact us by e-mail for advice.

TyreON TL50E 

TyreON presents the TL50E PRO 2 column vehicle lift with locking at every 5 cm, leaving old 5T and 6T 2 column lifts with locking at only 2 height positions far behind.
This new system is extremely safe and the lift can also be fixed at any height.

Triple Telescopic Lifting Arms
The four 3-part telescopic lifting arms have been developed for the new generation of (long) commercial vehicles.The front arms can be folded back completely.

Instant descent from any height
The lift can be lowered from any height without having to press an UP button first.
With the down button the safety locks retract electromagnetically and the descent is starts immediately.

Sync Cables
A situation of imbalance is automatically resolved by means of a system with synchronization cables
corrected, for example if a vehicle is much heavier on the driver's side than on the
passenger side.

Obstacle protection (slack cable)
The synchronization cables are provided with slack cable protection.
As a result, the vehicle lift will immediately stop the descent if an obstacle prevents the descent.
Available from stock
3.2 m between posts
€2.800,- €3.450,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs
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TyreON TL50E PRO heavy duty 2 post lift - fully automatic

Lifting capacity 5000  kg      
Maximum lifting height 195,5 cm      
Lowest position of the lifting arms including pads 11,6  cm      
Time lifting / lowering 45 / 30  sec      
Threshold 3 cm       
Engine power 2,6 kW      
Power connection 400V/3Ph       
Fuse 20A      
Electric circuit on the 2 5T post car lift 24V      
Hydraulic oil 10 Liter      
Maximum vehicle width 283,8 cm      
Required height - car fully raised 3.5 to approximately 5 meters      

Available from stock
3.2 m between posts
€2.800,- €3.450,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

TyreON TL50E PRO - High-end product

High-end 2 post car lift with four 3-part arms and equipped with all conceivable safety options.
For lifting passenger cars such as Toyota IQ and Smart to multiple-extended commercials such as MB Sprinters, small trucks, large camper vans and heavy commercial vehicles up to 283.8 cm wide.

TL50E PRO 2 post lift - supplied complete with

  • 16 fixing anchor - 15 cm (16M20)
  • 4 x lifting pad (2-stage adjustable)
  • Cabling and installation materials
  • Installation and operating manual with maintenance instructions
  • Hydraulic oil is not included - 10 Liter HV-ISO-32 is optional
  • Promo - For Free
  • TyreON HA8 set of solid plug-in height adapters (8)
  • Hand pump - lowering if power failure

NOTE: We recommend having the TyreON TL50E PRO two post car hoist installed by a specialized company.