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TWA 3D PLUS wheel alignment machine for 3D four wheel alignment - Automatically moving cameras

TyreON TWA 3D PLUS 3D Wheel alignment machine
With more than 60.000 vehicle data
HD 6 million pixel automatically moving cameras
Storage system on both sides for the targets
Camera support for vehicle entry
10” tot 26” self-centring clamps
Aluminium rims clamped damage-free without extras
Lightweight, shockproof targets with very high resolution
Also functional under sunlight - UV-permeable targets
Light filter with sensor - adjusts to workshop lighting
Columns height 2.918 mm
Total width 2.878 mm
Camera height 500 - 2.560 mm
Software platform Windows
Colour monitor 1 x 32 Inch - LCD
Placement Floor fixed or mobile with optional mobile kit
Manual Available in 5 languages English, Italian, French, German, Spanish
Italian software Available in 34 languages
Database vehicle data Supplied on CD-ROM - no subscription required
Voltage / power 230V (500 Watt)
Packed L300 x l100 x H90 cm - 350 kg
The car wheel alignment machine for everyone. TyreON 4 wheel alignment machines, simplicity combined with top performance.

The camera bar automatically moves along when the car lift goes up or down.
Clear user interface with target/actual value comparison (red-green display)

With a span of 288 cm and camera movements from 50 to 256 cm height suitable for all wheel alignment scissor lifts and 4-post car wheel alignment lifts with at least 190 cm between the posts

The 4 wheel alignment equipment is supplied completely in anthracite RAL 7016 by 2023

TyreON 3D Wheel Alignment Machines

The TyreON TWA 3D PLUS 4 wheel alignment machine with a 2-camera readout system is fast, accurate and reliable.
The software is intuitive and user-friendly, for fast and accurate car wheel alignment.

Two steel spindles at the back of the column convert the rotary movement of an electric motor into a very precise vertical lifting and lowering movement of the camera beam. 


Features four wheel alignment machine 3D

  • Alignment data for more than 60,000 vehicle models, same database as Corghi and Mondolfo Ferro brands
  • New database update available every 2 years - no subscription required
  • User-friendly Italian software in 34 languages with easy-to-understand instructions
  • Easy access to all settings
  • Wheel aligner with display of values down to 0.01°
  • Camera assistance system for precise approach with front wheels on turn plates 
  • Suitable for wheels with 10" to 26" rims
  • Factory calibrated, no annual calibration required
  • Stable Windows 10 PC system, mouse, printer, keyboard and 32" high resolution colour LCD screen
  • HD cameras with 6 million pixels
  • Variable camera angles, adjustable via keyboard
  • The cameras find the targets themselves, detect them and move with them when the vehicle lift moves up or down
  • The camera bar also moves when you press the Page Up or Page Down key on the keyboard
  • Camera movements from 50 cm to 256 cm height
  • Control of automatic measurements directly from the targets
  • Database for chassis measurement data
  • User database, entry or modification of vehicle data
  • Customer database, specific activities, retrieve and store customer data
  • Light filter - the light sensor can be adjusted to the lighting conditions in the workshop to ensure accurate measurements
  • Clear installation and operating instructions, available in Dutch, English, Italian, French, German, Spanish
  • For scissor wheel alignment lifts and 4-post vehicle wheel alignment lifts

Clamps and Reflection Targets - 3D wheel alignment machine   

  • Self-centring H-style clamps, easy clamping without removing hub caps      
  • Aluminium rims are clamped without damage without additional tools
  • Two targets with a resolution of 80 x 80 and two targets with a resolution of 80 x 90  
  • The shockproof reflection targets are UV-permeable and therefore work even in direct sunlight
  • The targets can be folded and easily removed from the clamps
  • You can position the clamps first and then click the targets onto the clamps 
  • With target storage system on both sides of the 4 wheel aligner



Available with optional wheel kit - level and stable

  • The TyreON WK 3D mobile kit is available from stock      
  • Equipped with castors
  • Thanks to the solid mobile kit, the four wheel aligner is easily movable
  • Sophisticated system for levelling and securing the position
  • The generous dimensions of the wheel set guarantee stability and precise operation of the wheel aligner

Wheel alignment machine with standard accessories

Supplied as standard with

  • Turn plates for wheel alignment
  • Shims for the turn plates
  • Extensions for large wheel diameters
  • Camera assistance system
  • Set of rubber bands with hooks
  • Steering wheel holder
  • Brake pedal depressor
  • Rubber blocks for two wheels


Available from stock
€10.750,- €12.500,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs
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Features 3D wheel alignment machine - 4 wheel alignment equipment - car alignment machine


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Available from stock
€10.750,- €12.500,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs