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TSC3000X2 scissor lift - 3 tonnes, height 1950 mm, platform length 1535 – 2115 mm

ALL ROUND – Compact car scissor lift suitable for:

  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Buses and vans
  • Delivery vans
  • Cars with longer chassis
  • Passenger cars
  • Sporting and luxury cars
  • Vintage cars

Professional car scissor lift

The TyreON TSC3000X2 is a compact electric-hydraulic car scissor lift with a capacity of 3 tonnes and an adjustable platform length of 1,535 - 2,115 mm. The lifting bridge has a minimum height of 11 cm and lifts rapidly up to 1.95 metres.

This professional bridge is suitable for all passenger cars, as well as sporting cars with low bumpers. With unfolded ramps, each lifting table has a unique length of 2.11 metres and this makes it safe to use it for bigger cars, buses, vans and commercial vehicles with a longer chassis.

Robust and ultra-thin - On floor mounting scissor lift

This robust, ultra-thin lifting bridge of 3000 kg is meant to be installed on the floor without any real construction measures. A TSC3000X2 is easy to install: you can lay the bridge on the concrete floor, secure it with anchors, connect it, and then you are done. You will save time with the simple installation and every user will now also be able to experience the professional's choice.
With its lift height of almost 2 metres you will be able to walk under the car with ease. There is no connection between the two lift tables, which means there is a wide space for free movement, and this guarantees comfortable working. With the two hydraulic cylinders per lift table and the tip-lever lifting system it is possible to lift and lower extra rapidly and powerfully.

The lift tables are hydraulically synchronised, which enables the two tables with double cylinders to always go up and down at exactly the same time. The simple 24 Volt control panel warrants safe operation.
Ideal for repair businesses, car repairers, garages, cleaning firms, and car enthusiasts. Simple to place and put into use yourself.

Grease nipples on all axes, lubricator and moisture separator

The axes of the TSC3000X2 are secured with locking plates instead axis washers, it prevents backlash and abrasion. All moving axes are equipped with grease nipples. With a regularly provide of grease to the nipples the bridge is running smoothly and significant wear is prevented.
For the maintenance and protection of the pneumatic system, the bridge is equipped with a pressure regulator with lubricator and water separator.

TyreON TSC3000X2 - Fully Automatic

  • Very heavy professional version with lift tables and ramps made of sheet steel
  • Ultra-thin and does not take up much floor space
  • Robust construction of the lifting system, with massive 3 cm thick steel scissors
  • Tip-lever system for powerful lifting and lowering (reverse-lever mechanism)
  • Executed with 4 powerful hydraulic cylinders (2 per lift table)
  • The ramps with anti-slip profile can be folded out and secured for additional length
  • Hydraulic synchronisation ensures that the two lift tables are lifted and lowered at the same time
  • Free movement because there is no connection between both lift tables
  • Ideal and suitable for vehicles with a longer chassis
  • Available with power current 400 Volt or low voltage 230 Volt single-phase
  • Long service life because of the high quality of the technology employed, the use of high quality materials and excellent workmanship              
  • Treated with paint that can withstand heavy loads and corrosive liquids
  • The lowering speed and hydraulic service pressure can be adjusted to your individual wishes


  • Reliable, safe lifting bridge, produced according to ISO 9001 with a CE-certificate and compliant with the test requirements concerning working conditions and vehicle registration
  • Automatic height safety and mechanical safety interlock at various heights
  • Automatic pneumatic unlocking of the safety interlock (this means compressed air is needed)
  • Extra secure: electrical circuit 24V for all control functions
  • Warning signal when lowering, even during the last couple of centimetres (for the safety of your feet)
  • Equipped with check valve in case oil pressure is lost (the lift will not come down)
  • Lowering speed is reduced during the last 35 centimetres
  • Base plates have raised edges to protect feet
  • Emergency system for lowering in case of power failure


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Price - € 2.750,-
Excluding VAT and shipping costs.

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The techniques and possibilities of the TyreON TSC3000X2




Dimensions TyreON TSC3000X2


Technical details

Lifting capacity 3000 kg    
Maximum lifting height 1950 mm   (2000 mm incl. rubber blocks)
Minimum lifting height 110 mm    
Time lifting / lowering 40 / 30 sec   (with 1500 kg)
Length scissorlift 1535 mm    
Total length scissorlift 2115 mm   (with unfolded ramps)
Width lift tables 600 mm    
Width scissorlift 2100 mm    
Space between the platform 900 mm    

Other information

Drive Electric - Hydraulic      
Engine Power 3.0 kW    
Hydraulic working pressure 25 Mpa    
Voltage 230/1Ph  or  400/3Ph Volt   * Available in single-phase of power current
Phase 1 or 3      
Frequency 50 Hz    
Fuse 16 Ampère    
Low noise <= 68 dB    
Weight (approx.) 980 kg   (excl. control panel)
Required surface area 2100 x 2115 mm   Length x Width

The delivery includes:

  • TyreON TSC3000X2 car scissor lift with lift tables and ramps made out of thick sheet steel
  • Safety first, 24 V simple operating unit with main switch and push buttons
  • Including 15 litres of Hydraulic Oil
  • Set of anchor bolts for installation on the floor
  • 4 rubber blocks (5cm) and 4 rubber mats (1.5 cm)
  • Including a five-wire power cable 5-pole plug (for power current 400 V) or a three-wire power cabl with a grounded 230 Volt plug (for low-voltage 230 V)
  • Manual for installation and operation
  • CE-certificate and technical drawing with an indication of parts
  • Hydraulic hose set and attachments are provided as standard (see figure 1)
  • 5 metal protective caps for installation on the floor to protect the hydraulic hoses.
  • Wrapped in steel transport frame: lift bridge of 950 Kg and 215 x 70 x 35 (LxWxH/cm) and operating unit of 50 Kg and 50 x 45 x 110 (LxWxH/cm)
  • 1 year warranty on all components


Figure 1:
Hydraulic hose set and attachments are provided as standard