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TSC3200X2i scissor lift in ground - 3.2 tons, height 213 cm, table length 154-174 cm

Compact scissor lift in the ground, for buses, vans, passenger cars, vehicles with long chassis, classic cars, sports and luxury cars with low bumpers.

Professional wheel free scissor lift, built in version

The TyreON TSC3200X2i scissor lift in ground is an electric hydraulic lift with a capacity of 3.2 Ton.
The lift is equal with the floor due to the built in structure. It is available in 400 Volts or 230 Volts which is useful to the individual consumer, who can also experience the convenience of the professional. A big advantage is that you have free space.

The two lifting tables controlled by an all-in-one control unit are hydraulically synchronised and go thereby exactly equal up and down. There are two heavy hydraulic cylinders and a tip-lever-system for powerful lifting.
With a lifting capacity of 3200 kg the TyreON TSC3200X2i grabs almost every opponent and with the 1.54 m tables the small ones like Smart, Micra and Fiat 500 are lifted with ease.

In ground, saving space and 20 cm extendable lifting tables

This in floor mounted scissor lift is saving space and therefore never an obstacle. Its 2 lifting tables are both extendable from 1.54 to 1.74 meters.  The required recess depth is 33 cm and the TyreON TSC3200X2i is easy to install yourself and use.

A good fit hydraulic hose set is included and the lifting tables can be placed in the floor with a distance of 78 to 91 centimetres.
If you extend the hose set yourself, you can increase the distance between the tables. Thanks to no connection between the two tables there is a free and wide passage in both the highest and lowest position of the lift.

Handle for operation of 1 lifting table

There is a handle inside the control console which makes it possible to operate the lifting tables separately. You can lower or raise 1 table while the other table is in another position. 

TyreON TSC3200X2i Fully automatic

  • Professional version with 2 lifting tables made of thick sheet steel
  • Does not occupy space because it is built in
  • 33 cm deep recesses in the floor are required
  • Solid construction, scissors made of heavy profiles
  • Tip-lever-system for powerful lifting from lowest position
  • With 2 powerful hydraulic cylinders (1 per table)
  • Both lifting tables are extensible from 154 cm to 174 cm
  • With hydraulic synchronisation, both tables move up and down simultaneously
  • Operating of only 1 lifting table is possible
  • Free passage, there is no connection between the tables
  • For vehicles with short and long chassis
  • Available in 400 Volts/3ph or 230 Volts/1ph
  • Long lifespan through applied technique and manufacturing with high quality materials and excellent finish
  • Powder coating on complete construction
  • Adjustable lowering speed and hydraulic operating pressure
  • All-in-one standing floor mounted controller

Safety scissor lift in ground

  • Reliable lift, manufactured according to ISO 9001 with CE certificate
  • Aluminium engine with cooling ribs and fan against overheating
  • Height protection and mechanical safety lock on every 5 cm
  • Automatic pneumatic safety-lock-release system (compressed air is required)
  • 24 Volt controller as all operating functions are
  • Electrical circuit on the lift is 24 Volt
  • Acoustic signal when lowering
  • Emergency system for lowering in case of power failure


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Price - € 2.450,-
Excluding VAT and shipping costs.

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The techniques and possibilities of the TyreON TSC3200X2i scissor lift in ground




Installation drawing

Technical details 

Lifting capacity 3200 kg    
Maximum lifting height (gross) 2130 mm    
Minimum lifting height (net) 1800 mm   1850 with rubber blocks
Required depth for installation 330 mm    
Time lifting / lowering 40 / 30 sec   1500 kg load
Length scissorlift 1540 mm  
Total length scissorlift 1740 mm   extended
Width lift tables 550 mm    
Width scissorlift 1880 - 2010 mm    
Space between the platform 780 - 910 mm    

Other information

Type Electric - Hydraulic      
Engine Power 2.2 kW    
Hydraulic working pressure 20 - 23 Mpa    
Voltage 230 / 1Ph  of  400 / 3Ph Volt    
Phase 1 of 3      
Frequency 50 Hz    
Low noise <= 68 dB    
Weight (approx.) 800 kg   without controller
Required air pressure (air compressor) 6 - 8 bar    
Control console 60 kg   standing 45x38x97 cm
Required surface area - Length x Width 1540 x 1880 ~ 2010 mm    

The delivery includes

  • TyreON TSC3200X2i scissor lift in ground
  • Controller with main switch and buttons
  • Air connection with barometer pre-filter and oil lubricator
  • 15 L of hydraulic oil
  • Air connection with barometer and lubricator
  • Anchoring bolts for floor mounting of the scissor lift
  • 4 rubber blocks
  • Installation and operation manual
  • Drawing for making the recesses in the floor
  • CE certificate and technical drawing with parts designation
  • Hydraulic hose set and accessories included as standard
  • Packaging dimensions of 825 Kg and 166 x 57 x 90 (LxWxH / cm) and 65 Kg and 54 x 45 x 116 (LxWxH / cm)
  • 1 year warranty on all parts

2 models scissor lift in ground available

TyreON TSC3200X2i – Both tables at 1 side extendable
The tables are 1.54 meters long and extensible to 1.74 meters.
Up to 3200 Kg and suitable for all types of cars.
Euro 2.450, = Excl. VAT

TyreON TSC3200X2iL – Both tables at 2 sides extendable
The tables are 1.64 meters long and extensible to 2.04 meters.
Lift up to 3200 Kg and especially suitable for cars with a longer wheelbase.
Euro 2.650, = excluding VAT

Image of the TyreON TSC3200X2iL