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TL25M mobile 1 post lift - 2.5 tons capacity, 1.93 meters lift height, automatic swing arm locking system and excellent mobility

All round mobile 1 post lift for cars up to 1.8 meters wide

Usefull in smaller spaces, mobile

The space saving mobile 1 post lift is 2.5 meters high and 140 cm total width. The free-standing design is ideal for smaller spaces. The TL25M comes with a pallet jack mobile system that allows you to move it anywhere you need it. You can jack the TyreON TL25M up and simply drive it with ease. The lift is IP64 rated which represents the level of dust- and waterproof. In addition, the entire construction is finished with high-grade powder coating.

Automatic swing arm locking system and extendable loading platform

The TyreON TL25M has a large working range. The loading platform is extendable in width, allowing cars up to 1.8 meters wide to fit. It has two short telescopic swingarms and two long swingarms also telescopic. There are four adjustable screw lifting pads for each arm.

At the moment lifting starts, the short arms are automatically locked in the position they are under the car at that moment.
When the car drops and comes to the lowest position, the two short arms are unlocked automatically and can be pulled away.
The 2 long arms have a handle to lock the arms in the desired position. The same handles are used to unlock the arms so they can be pushed away.


Technical details mobile 1 post lift - 2500 kg - 1.93 meter lifting height

  • Robust construction with maximum stability
  • Control panel on column with emergency stop, up button and main switch
  • Column with powerful hydraulic cylinder for controlled lifting
  • Power of the cylinder is transferred with a heavy chain
  • Special structure for main column
  • Extendable loading platform for cars up to 1.8 meters wide
  • 2 telescopic and short swing arms with auto-lock and unlock
  • 2 telescopic and long support swing arms with manual-lock + unlock (by handle)
  • Flat design support arms for sports cars
  • 4 round 2-stage adjustable screw lifting pads
  • High quality hydraulic pump made of aluminium with a powerful motor
  • Fully finished with high-quality powder coating
  • Protection cover in the vertical opening of the column
  • Door protection pad
  • The car is accessible from 3 sides
  • Takes up little space

Safety mobile 1 post lift – 2500 kg – 1.93 lifting height

  • Reliable safe lift, ISO 9001 manufactured with CE certificate
  • 24 V control panel with emergency stop, main switch, up button and power-light
  • Equipped with height-safety switch
  • Mechanical safety lock with lock on each 8 cm (avoids accidental lowering)
  • This mechanical safety lock works through gravity and always operates 100 %
  • Manual release of the mechanical safety lock with a handle
  • More security: To lower the car, pull the release handle, only then the down buttun is active
  • With an overpressure valve on the power unit (Prevents lifting too heavy loads)
  • All operating functions as well as the electrical circuit is 24 Volts
  • Control panel with IP64 score, stands waterproof and dust proof
  • TyreON car lifts comply with European standards

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The techniques and possibilities of the TyreON TL25M mobile 1 post lift





Technical details mobile 1 post lift

Lifting capacity 2500 kg    
Maximum lifting height 1870 - 1930 mm    
Width of the car 1100 - 1800 mm    
Lowest position lifting arm with screw pads 130 mm    
Lowest position lifting arm with screw pads turned up 190 mm  
Column height 2500 mm    
Length short lifting arms - adjustable 420 - 670 mm    
Length long lifting arms - adjustable 610 - 840 mm    
Time lifting / lowering 35 / 30 sec    
Noise level <= 70 dB op 1 meter <= 35 dB op 7 meter    
Engine power 2.2 kW    
Voltage 230 / 1 fase / 50 Hz Volt     
Fuse 16 traag of 20 Ampere    
Weight (approx.) 750 kg    
Dimensions (width x height) 1400 x 2500 mm    

Delivery includes:

  • The TyreON TL25M mobile 1 post lift, packed in a steel transport frame
  • 10 liter hydraulic oil
  • Dimensions packing 2500 x 1200 x 1150 (LxBxH/mm), 785 kg weight
  • CE certificate, installation and operation Manual
  • 1 year warranty on parts