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ASM0704H mower lift table - 1 meter wide table and ramp

Capacity 700 kg
Lifting height 16 - 120 cm
Table LxW 222 x 100 cm
Drive 1.5 kW electric-hydraulic
Type Automatic - unlock by footpedal
No air required
Roll-off protection 1 meter wide
Front wheel panel 48 cm wide
Thermally protected
Pressure relief valve
Comes with Hydraulic oil
Packed L230 x B75 x H30 cm - 285 kg
Powerunit L36 x B36 x H95 cm - 25 kg
Scissor lift table for all mobile machines with a track width up to 1 meter such as ride-on mowers, mobility scooters, high-pressure cleaners, motorized tricycles, tractors, karts, quads as well as all heavy and light motorbikes, scooters and mopeds up to 700 kg.

The mower lift table comes with a removable frontpanel and a 1 x 1 meter drive-on ramp.

Mower lift table - with heavy cylinder and very silent

The handy upright control unit has 1.5 kW electric motor and a hydraulic pump.
  • No air compressor required
  • Reliable and powerful lift - CE tested
  • Heavy hydraulic cylinder and quiet in use
  • Very solid and with many safety options
  • 1 year warranty on all parts
  • Finished with powder coating
  • With hydraulic oil and tested before packaging
  • Easy to use and install
  • The frame is pre-drilled with anchoring holes
  • Connection value 14 Amps (230V)
  • With cord and plug - Plug and Go!

Table width extensions - also the ramp is 100 cm wide

The ASM0704H is identical to the ASM0703H, but comes with two widening plates and a large ramp, making this lifting table suitable for motor vehicles with two, three or four wheels.

Top quality mower lift table

In 2017 TyreON BV acquired the successful range of motorcycle lifters from Autec - VLT Automotive Equipment, The Netherlands.
The Autec-lifts for motorbikes, quads, karts, ride - on mowers etc. have been manufactured for more than 15 years and during that time the focus was on quality and performance.
Resulting in four top-quality bikelifts that meet the high standards of professional users. These lifts are now TyreON branded.

TyreON ASM0704H mower lift table - safety and TyreCARE

  • All mower lifting tables are equipped with advanced safety features
  • The thermal protection cuts off the current in the event of an overload
  • Mechanical safety lock on every 6 cm
  • The mechanical lock also prevents lowering in event of hose break
  • An overpressure valve protects the lift from damage due to too heavy load
  • Height limit at 120 cm
  • Roll-off protection with a 1 meter wide bracket
  • Aluminum electric-motor with cooling fins and a fan
  • TyreCARE - Support and parts are also available at any time
In stock
€1.650,- €1.750,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs


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TyreON ASM0704H mower lift table



Lifting capacity 700 KG    
Drive height - Lifting height 16 - 120 CM    
Size of the lifting platform (L x W) 222,3 x 100,2 CM    
Drop panel (L x W) 53,5 x 38 CM    
Length of the ramp 100 CM    
Duration lifting / lowering 20 / 10 SEC.    
Unlocking the saftely lock by hand or foot      
Operation down and up button on the controller      
Type of ramp foldable      
Position hydraulic pomp-unit in the controller      
Wheelclamp manual wheel clamp      
On-floor / In-floor  ✓ / ✓      
Adjustable upward force / descent speed factory setting      
Mechanical safety lock      
Auto-stop at 120 cm      
Front panel foldable / removable ✓ / ✓      
Non-slip profile on ramp / table ✓ / ✓      
Eyes for lashing straps      

Additional infromation

Voltage / Phase 230 / 1  VOLT / PHASE(S)    
Power electric engine / circuit protection 1,5 /  14 KW /  AMPERE    
Required air pressure no air required      
Weight of the mower lift table 275 KG    
Required floorspace (L x W) 225 x 75 CM  (excl. ramp of 100 CM)    

In stock
€1.650,- €1.750,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

Delivery electric-hydraulic mower lift table

The ASM0704H lift table is identical to the ASM0703H and is supplied with a table width extension set consisting of

  • Table width extensions (2)
  • Roll-off protection (1)
  • 1 x 1 meter ramp (1)

The TyreON ASM0704H mower lift table is factory tested for all functions before it is packed as standard with

  • The controller with hydraulic hose
  • The foldable and removable panel
  • The manual wheel clamp
  • The wheel stopper and 2 adjustable lashing eyes
  • Installation and operating manual
  • Hydraulic oil (5 liter hv-iso-32 is included)