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T650M2 mobile complete tyre fitting package 26 Inch - side of a vehicle

Rims 13 - 26 Inch
Wheels up to 750 kg - Ø 138 cm - 70 cm ↔
Mounting speed 1-speed | 7 rpm
Bead breaker force 2500 kg / 24.515 kN
Operation Electric-hydraulic
Gear motor-chuck 1.5 kW
Hydraulic pump 1.1 kW
Model Mobile - self installation set complete
Comes with Aircompressor + hose reel
Genset + Smart Control
Optional Mounting arm for passenger cars
Voltage 400V
Instrallation Side of a vehicle
Heavy duty mobile truck tyre changer machine for tubeless tyres on steel or aluminum rims of

  • Trucks, tractor units and trailers
  • City buses, coaches and commercial vehicles

The TyreON T650M2 mobile truck tyre changer is a powerful professional and compact device for mobile tyre repair.

TyreON T650M2
Mobile workshop -  weight 470 kg - mounte on loading floor

The compact TyreON T650M2 is an electric hydraulic mobile tyre machine for  trucktyres up to 26 inch tyres with a safe 24V controller.
This mobile tyres machine for intensive use is a powerful changer for placement in a service van.
Simply roll the wheel to the service van and you can safely perform 8 automated movements for changing the truck tyres.

Benefits of mobile tyre fitting package

  • Install yourself, takes up little space
  • An opening of 145 cm heigh and 104 cm wide on the side or rear of the vehicle required 
  • Wheels up to 750 kg - Easy operation thanks to convenient operating unit
  • Exta safe during driving, equipped with latches on the carriage and lifting arm
  • Own weight of only 470 kg

Complete set - total weight of 670 kg

TyreON supplies a complete mobile tyre fitting package, consisting of the TyreON T650M2, a generatorset, a hose reel, an air compressor and the TyreON Smart Control. The complete set can be placed in a van without complicated technical procedures. 

The set includes

1) TyreON T650M2 - base frame with forklift holes
This tyre changer is built on a base frame with forklift holes. The required floorheight is 65 to 75 cm. The changer can be fixed to the loading floor using the base frame at the rear or the side of the van.

2) Pramac S8000 generatorset 
6.6 kW (8.3 kVA) E-start PH/400V/230V gasoline generator set with a 27 litre tank for 12 hours use. The operating panel is provided with 1*400V and 2*230V connections, a circuit breaker and battery charger. The exhaust can be extended with a flexible pipe.
Dimensions L84 x W61.5 x H75.3 (cm) - 115 kg
3) Airmec industrial air compressor
Industrial low-speed air compressor 3 kW / 1000 rpm / 200 litres / 10 Bar / 500 litres per minute. The large air tank has a quick coupler for connecting the hose reel. 
Dimensions L55 x W55 x H157 (cm) - 60 kg

4) Rodac hose reel
Hose reel with 20 metre air hose with 10 mm inside diameter, equipped with a digital air gun.
The hose reel  comes with a coupling to connect to the air compressor. 
Dimensions L55 x W20 x H55 (cm) - 20 kg

5) TyreON Smart Control - simultaneously work with compressed air and the TyreON T650M2
Thanks to the TyreON Smart Control, the 6.6 kW mobile Pramac S8000 with a weight of 112 kg is sufficient.
The Smart Control ensures that the TyreON T650M2 and air compressor are never supplied with power simultaneously.
The controller is programmed in such a way that the air compressor is given priority.
Dimensions L25 x W25 x H13 (cm) - 5 kg


Use compressed air and the TyreON T650M2 simultaneously

One can use both machines simultaneously, except when the air compressor rotates in order to fill the air tank. Once there is sufficient air in the tank you can use the TyreON T650M2 tyre changer again. 


TyreON T650M2 - mobile tyre fitting package

  • Portable controllert with emergency stop, joystick and foot pedal
  • 4 hydraulic clamping jaws for clamping and lifting the rim
  • The lifting arm with the jaw and the rim can be moved horizontally on the sliding carriage.
  • The mounting arm is moveable by hand and lockable in 3 positions
  • The mounting head can be manually rotated and locked
  • Powerful left and reight rotatingengine for the clamping jaw
  • High-quality, powerful hydraulic pump 
  • CE-certified
  • With anchoring holes, delivered in ready-to-use state
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The technique and possibilities of the T650M2 mobile tyre fitting package




Technical details

T650M2 (400V)

For truck tyres with rim size 13 - 26 Inch A  
Maximum wheel diameter 138 cm D  
Maximum wheel width 70 cm C  
Maximum wheel weight 750 kg    
Clamping range (chuck) 10 - 68,5 cm (27 Inch)      
Bead breaker force 2500 kg / 24.515 kN   F  
Operating pressure - hydraulic 130 Bar    
Performance hydraulic pump motor 1.1 kW F  
Performance gear motor - electric rotation of the chuck 1.5 kW E  
Mounting speed (chuck) - clockwise and anticlockwise  1 -  7 rpm      
Number of automated movements 8      
Controllers operating voltage 24 Volt (DC)    
Positions of the mounting arm on the sliding carriage 3      
Weight 470 (670 complete) kg    
Noise level 40 - 65 dBA    
Rotating chuck with 4 self centering clamping arms      
Connection voltage 400V - 3Ph    
Fusing 16A      
Footprint (L x W) of the mobile truck tyre changer 122 x 105 cm    
Required height  145 cm    

In stock
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

Optional - Mounting arm for passenger cars

A mounting arm with tools especially for (de) mounting all types of tires and rims of passengercars. 

Also available separately

The TyreON T650M2 mobile tyre changer is also available separately and is available from stock.
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