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TL35ME portable 1 post car lift - fully automatic

Capacity 3500 kg
Lifting height 11 - 193 cm
Electrical release - immediate descent
35 cm auto-stop + slow descending
Chain and hose break protection
Parking function
Loading platform Extendable
Short arms 2-way telescopic
Long arms To swing + telescopic
Comes with 4 adapters
Hydraulic oil
Package L248 x B116 x H72 cm - 1300 kg

Allround compact mobile portable 1 post car lift for all types of machines, passenger and commercial vehicles - also with ladder chassis

Pressing the down button will immediately pull back the safety hook and the lift will lower instantly. The car lift does not raise a bit before the descent!

TyreON portable 1 post car lift - powerful and very quiet (60 dB)

  • CE-tested, main switch on controller
  • Low noise ALU-engine suitable for long term use
  • Reinforced internal yoke with durable bearings
  • In- and outdoor use
  • 11 cm minimum height, extra flat pads and suitable for low sports cars
  • Protection cover in the column and powder coated
  • IP64 dust and splash proof control panel (IP64)
  • If power failure occurs, the 1 post car lift can be lowered by hand
  • 1 year warranty - on all parts

Extendable loading platform and outstanding on many points

The TyreON TL35ME portable 1 post car lift is overload protected, all conceivable safety features and a system for lowering in the event of a power failure. The very stable construction is perfect for lifting heavy vehicles.
The loading platform can be extended, which allows bigger and wider vehicles  and cars with a ladder chassis to fit as well. 
All four telescopic support arms are coming with height-adjustable pads and adapters (7 cm) as standard. The support arms can be placed symmetrically or asymmetrically under the vehicle.

Mobile 1 post lift - suitable for many types of cars
For professional intensive use

Automatic electromagnetic release - technology 

  • Lift, lower, secure and unlock with the all-in-one control panel
  • The mainpost comes with 1 hydraulic cylinder for lifting
  • The cylinder force is being transmitted by a heavy chain
  • Heavy-duty construction with extendable loading platform
  • 2 telescopic swing support arms attached to the platform 
  • A large range of vehicles will fit due 2-way telescopic support arms at the frontside 
  • Parking function by lock button on the controller
  • Steel oil tank with bracket


Stop switch at 35 cm height - safety 

  • Chain break protection
  • Hose break protection
  • All control buttons and the electrical circuit on the lift are 24 Volts
  • Stop switch at 35 cm - the car will only descend if the down button is pressed again
  • Safetylock by a heavy hook on every 8 cm
  • The safetyhook locks automatically due to gravity and functions perfectly
  • Automatic release of the safety hook with an electro-magnet
  • The unlocking is immediate; the hook pulls back and descent starts simultaneously
  • Acoustic and optical signal when descending
  • Protection against overload (pressure relief valve)
  • Height protection and emergency stop
  • Emergency system for lowering your car in the event of a power failure (hand pump)
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€3.750,- €4.250,-
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The technique and the possibilities of the TyreON TL35ME portable 1 post car lift



Main features

Lifting capacity 3500 kg    
Lifting height max. 1800 - 1870 (adapter) - 1930 (pad up) mm      
Lowest position lifting arm with screw pads 110 mm    
Column height 2411 mm    
Time lifting / lowering 35 / 30 sec    
Working range pads (longitudinal axis) 1364 -2111 mm    
Working range pads (width axis) 1095 -1722 mm    
Width of the car 1000 - 2000 mm    
Engine power 2.6  kW    
Voltage 400V / 3 phases      
Noise level <= 60 dB at 1 meter      
Fuse 20 Amps      
Weight (approx.) 1275 kg    

In stock
€3.750,- €4.250,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

Delivery mobile 1 post lift

Sturdy packed in a wooden crate together with

  • 4 x extension adapters each 7 cm
  • 1 x installation and operating manual
  • 1 x hydraulic oil (5 Liter hv-iso-32 is included)
  • 4 x plug-in pads (6 cm adjustable - 2 stages)

The 1 post car lift can be completely mounted, ready to use, at extra costs

Wide base - extended support legs - very stable

The TyreON TL35ME has been tested and approved by a Notified Body in London (UK) and meets the following CE certification standards:

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. For Annex IV machinery
  • EN 1493:2010 Vehicle lifts
  • EN 60204-1:2006+A1:2009 Safety of machinery- Electrical equipment of machines- Part 1: General requirements


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