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TSC3000X2S double scissorlift

  • Buses and vans
  • Passenger cars
  • Vehicles with long chassis
  • Classic cars
  • Sports and luxury cars with low bumpers

€ 2.350,- excl. VAT
ALL ROUND - Compact double scissorlift for passenger cars - sporty and luxury cars - delivery vans - oldtimers - light commercial vehicles - buses - vans. Also for vehicles with low spoilers.

Professional double scissorlift

The TyreON TSC3000X2S is a compact electric-hydraulic double scissorlift with a capacity of 3 Tons and an adjustable support surface of 1475 to 2055 mm. The lift has a minimum height of 11 cm and maximum height of 1.87 meters. With the ramps folded up, this bridge has a length of more than 205 cm.

Double scissorlift, solid, extra low, placement on the floor

This scissorlift is mounted on the floor. You can place the TSC3000X2S on the floor yourself, secure it with the anchors and connect it. You will save time and money with self-installation and experience the convenience of the professional. With the lifting height of 1.87 meters you can easily walk under the car. Because there is no connection between the tables you have a free passage. Thanks to the two hydraulic cylinders per lifting table and a tip-lever lifting system, the table is quick and powerful.

The two tables are hydraulically synchronized so that the tables go up and down exactly at the same time. The simple 24 Volt control panel is safe.

Grease nipples, oil lubricator and moisture separator

The axles of the TSC3000X2S double scissorlift have locking plates that prevent space and closing.
By injecting grease nipples on the axles with grease, the bridge runs smoothly and prevents significant wear.
To maintain the air system, the bridge is equipped with an oil lubricator and water separator.

TSC3000X2S Double scissorlift- Full automatic

  • Professional and with lift tables and ramps made of thick sheet steel
  • The basic construction is reinforced with a base plate.
  • Extra flat and occupies little of the floor surface
  • Solid construction and scissors of solid 3 cm thick steel
  • Tip-liver-system for lifting the load with full force directly from 11 cm height
  • 4 powerful hydraulic cylinders - 2 per table
  • The ramps with anti-slip profile are foldable and can be clipped for extra length
  • The folded ramps can also handle the weight of 3T
  • Hydraulic synchronization makes the two lift tables go up and down at the same time
  • There is no connection between the lift tables which gives a free passage
  • Available with power current 400 volts or low current 230 volts
  • Expensive and silent aluminum motor unit with cooling fins and fan
  • Long lifespan and finished with powder coating


  • Reliable safe double scissorlift
  • ISO 9001 produced with CE certificate and complies with health & safety requirements
  • Electrical 24 V circuit for all control functions
  • Delayed lowering speed at the last 35 centimeters
  • A height protection ensures that the motor automatically stops when the lift reaches the highest point
  • Mechanical safety lock on every 5 cm (works with gravity - always works)
  • Reinforcement profiles on the inner sides of the lift tables
  • With lock function to put the bridge in the lock and relieve the hydraulic system
  • With a button on the panel the safety latch is pneumatically unlocked (so compressed air is needed)
  • With protective covers for the lift cylinders and pneumatic release
  • Heavy hose set withstands 400 Bar operating pressure
  • Protective caps for the hydraulic hoses that run across the floor
  • Acoustic signal when descending
  • With a non-return valve to prevent the lift from lowering when oil pressure drops out
  • Bottom plates with raised edge
  • Emergency system for lowering in the event of a power failure
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€2.350,- €2.450,-
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The technique and the possibilities of the TyreON TSC3000X2S






Technical details 

Lifting capacity 3000 kg    
Maximum lifting height max. 1870 mm   1920 mm with blocks
Minimum height  110 mm    
Time lifting / lowering 40 / 30 sec   1500 kg load
Length lift tables 1475 mm  
Length scissorlift 2075 mm   ramps folded up
Width lift tables 660 mm    
Width scissorlift 2060 mm    
Space between the lift tables 740 mm    

Other information

Type Electric - Hydraulic      
Engine Power 2.2 kW    
Required air pressure 4 - 8 Bar    
Hydraulic working pressure 20 / 200 Mpa / Bar    
Voltage 230 / 1Ph  or  400 / 3Ph Volt    
Frequency 50 Hz    
Ampere of fuse 16 Ampere    
Low noise <= 70 dB    
Weight (approx.) 900 kg   without controller
Required surface area - Length x Width 2060 x 2075 mm   L x W
Dimensions control unit 45 x 38 x 96 cm   L x W x H

In stock
€2.350,- €2.450,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

The delivery of the double scissorlift includes

  • TyreON TSC3000X2S double scissorlift
  • 24V control unit with main switch and on-off light with power cable and plug
  • Set of floor anchor bolts
  • 4 rubber blocks (5cm high)
  • Manual, CE certificate and technical drawing
  • Hydraulic hose set and 15 liter hydraulic oil
  • Set of protective caps for on the floor

Scissorlift packed total 920 Kg / L 161cm x W 75cm x H 33cm
Control unit packed total 45 Kg / L 50cm x W43cm x H 105cm
There is 1 year warranty on all parts

Hydraulic hose set and accessories are included as standard