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TSC3000X2s full rise scissorlift - mechanical lock

Capacity 3000 kg - On floor
Lifting height 10,5 - 190,5 cm
Platform length 145 - 205 cm
Drive 2.2 kW Electric - Hydraulic
Type Fully automatic
Mechanical safety lock
Air is required
Auto-stop at 25 cm
Slow descend from 25 cm
Own weight 900 kg
Quick and easy to install (video)
Including Floor bolts
A coded hydraulic hose set
Package L161 x B75 x H33 cm - 950 kg
Controller L50 x B43 x H105 cm - 45 kg
All-round compact full rise scissorlift for passenger cars, delivery vans, light commercial vehicles and busses.
10.5 cm low profile drives over height

With 145 cm lenght all short cars fit. The ramps can be locked in the upward position to extend the platform length for longer vehicles.

Simple to use, simple to maintain.
An ideal lift when space is tight, machine bolts directly to the floor.

Professional full rise scissorlift

  • Reliable safe full rise car scissorlift
  • Low voltage controlsystem with all-in-one control panel
  • Controller can be mounted on either side of the lift
  • Strong, robust and smooth operation
  • Shears made of solid 3 cm thick steel
  • With lock function and a tip-lever system
  • Top quality powder coat paint finish
  • 12 months parts warranty and fully CE approved
  • Video instruction for installation and simple venting and platform leveling procedure
  • The platforms are hydraulically synchronized and therefore always go up and down at the same time

Full rise scissor lift, solid, extra low, placement on the floor

This flat full rise car scissorlift is easily mounted on the floor, secured with floor bolts and linked to the control unit.

With powerful hydraulic cylinders and a tip-lever lifting system for lifting the load with full force directly from 10,5 cm height.
Twin hydraulically synchronized rams in each platform means clear and safe working area between the lift.

The neatly finished TyreON TSC3000X2s full rise scissorlift has a long technical life thanks to the applied process techniques, the careful assembly and the use of first-class materials.

TSC3000X2s Full rise scissorlift - Fully automatic

  • Easy access thanks to the 63.5 cm wide platforms and drive up ramps with anti-slip profile
  • 2 hydraulic cylinders on each side and independent circuits.
  • The hydraulic operating pressure (upward force) and the descent speed can be adjusted
  • A pressure relief valve on the power unit prevents damage due too heavy load
  • Reinforcement profiles on the inner sides of the lift platforms
  • Protective caps for the lifting cylinders and the pneumatic release
  • Lifting platforms and drive up ramps made of thick sheet steel

Safe and CE-stop at 25 cm

  • Auto-stop at a height of 25 cm (The down button must be pressed again.)
  • Acoustic and optical signal at descent and a delayed descent speed from 25 cm
  • A height switch ensures that the motor stops automatically when the lift reaches the highest point
  • Locks automatically every 5 cm on ascent and can be locked out at the desired height
  • The safety catches are pneumatically released with the down button on the panel
  • On-off main switch with indicator light on the panel
  • Aluminum motor with cooling fins and fan against overheating
  • Procedure for lowering full rise car scissorlift in the event of a power failure
  • A parachute valve is fitted for extra SAFETY, this stops the lift from falling if there is a sudden loss
    of hydraulic pressure due to a hose bursting or being cut by accident
In stock
€2.295,- €2.450,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs


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The technique and the possibilities of the TyreON TSC3000X2s full rise scissorlift



Technical details 

Lifting capacity 3000 kg    
Maximum lifting height 190,5  (187 without blocks) cm    
Initial drive on height 10,5 cm    
Time lifting / lowering 40 / 30 sec    
Platform length 145 - 205 (ramps up) cm  
Width platforms 63,5 cm    
Space between the lift platforms 75 - 85 (with the supplied hose set) cm    

Other information

Type Electric - Hydraulic      
Engine power 2,2 kW    
Required air pressure 4 - 8 Bar    
Hydraulic working pressure 25 / 250 Mpa / Bar    
Voltage (50Hz) 230/1Ph  or  400/3Ph Volt    
Ampere of fuse 16 Ampere    
Noiselevel <= 70 dB    
Weight (approx.) (without controller) 900 kg    
Dimensions control unit L45 x W40 x H98 cm      

In stock
€2.295,- €2.450,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

Maintenance - retention and the lock function

The full rise scissorlift can be lowered into the lock with the lock button on the control panel. A car can then be put away for a long time at height while the lift rests mechanically.
The pivot points are lubricated and fully bushed.
All shafts are secured with play-free locking plates and the moving shafts have grease nipples.
To maintain the pneumatic system, the bridge is equipped with an oil nebulizer and a moisture separator.

Delivery of the full rise scissorlift

In our factory, the TyreON TSC3000X2s full rise car scissor lift and the control unit are tested for all functions and packed together with;

  • The installation and operating manual
  • Set of floor bolts
  • A coded hydraulic 400 bar hose set + accessories
  • Set of protective caps for on the floor
  • 4 rubber sill mounting blocks L16 x B12 x H3,5 cm
  • Hydraulic oil is not included - 15 Liter HV-ISO-32 can be ordered optionally