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TC24AH / TC24AHS 2-Speed

Tyres 11 - 24 Inch
Wheels Ø 100 cm - 35 cm wide
Rims Steel and aluminium
Construction Heavy duty tilting column
Heavy duty XL helper arm - pneumatic - 3 functions
Mounting head pneumatic lock
XL double air booster in all 4 claws
XL Ø 26 Inch table
XL Ø 7 cm cylinders - extra clamping force
XL Ø 18.6 cm cylinder - 2,800 kg BBF
Blind-foot navigation (bracket between pedals)
2 speed 7 + 13 rpm - TC24AHS
1 speed 7 rpm - TC24AH
Inflating tyres High speed - hands free
Heavy duty tyre changing machine for workshops where wide rigid low profile tyres need to be changed daily without damage.

Large table, rear tilting column, 2800 kg BBF and claws with extra force.
Air boosters in clamping-jaws to inflate tubeless tyres in an instant.



Automated heavy duty tyre changing machine

  • Powerful tyre changer -  ISO 9001 - CE certified
  • Many standard features and 1-year warranty on parts
  • Very solid and meticulously constructed
  • Internal and external powder coated
  • Accessories are supplied as standard
  • The car tyre changer is delivered 85% assembled
  • Easy self-install - with air connection, cord and plug
  • Available 400V - 2 Speed - TC24AHS car tyre changing machine
  • Available 230V - 1 Speed  - TC24AH car tyre changing machine

Heavy duty TyreON T24AH / TC24AHS - tyre changing machine

The reliable car tyre changing machine comes with many features. The moving parts are weighted and driven with extra force. The helper-arm is reinforced, widened and raised; the operation is simple.


Mounting head

  • Locks pneumatically

Rear tilting column
  • Strong, composed of 1 heavy section
  • Resistant to heavy, long-term loads

Spacious 26 Inch turntable
  • With Inch indicators
  • Special steel clamping jaws
  • Ø 7 cm cylinders for extra clamping force 
  • Rotating left plus right

Powerful bead breaker
  • Comes with Ø 18.6 cm cylinder for 2800 kg bead breaking force (BBF)
  • Movable in all directions

Airboosting and tyre inflator by foot pedal
  • 19 liter air tank at the rear (12 Bar)
  • Each claw with double airbooster connected to the air tank
  • Airbooster and tyre inflator operated with 1 pedal
  • High-speed automatic hands-free tyre inflator - 6 Bar - with pressure gauge
  • Air connection with pressure regulator

Helper arm - 3 functions and joystick
  • With 1-disc, 2-roller and 3- centring-arm
  • Very wide swing and 1.56m height for extra workspace
  • Moving up and down on a heavy slide, joystick-operated
  • Withstands long-term loads
  • Storage compartment on the car tyre changing machine

1-Speed mounting table
  • Operated with pedal, 7 rpm
  • Bracket between pedals (blind-foot navigation)

Damage free change tyres on aluminium rims 
  • Stainless steel interior (no rust)
  • Aluminium 230V or 400V electric motor with forced cooling
  • Thick rubber to stop the bead breaker
  • Mounting head with plastic protection caps
  • Plastic caps for clamping jaws and the rim
  • Protective cap on the bead breaker
In stock
€1.695,- / 1.795.- €1.895,- / 1.995,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs


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The possibilities - TyreON TC24AH Tyre changing machine



Technical details


Rim size 11 - 24 Inch    
Clamping capacity - inside / inside 12 - 24 / 11 - 22 Inch    
Maximum diameter of the wheel 100 / 39,5 cm / Inch    
Maximum width of the wheel 35  / 14 cm / Inch    
Bead Breaker Force (Ø 18,6 cm cylinder) 2.800 / 28.552 kg / kN    


2-speed turntable - operated by pedal ✓ (TC24AHS)      
4 self-centring clamping jaws - special steel      
Turntable with Ø 7 cm cylinders for extra clamping force      
26 inch turntable rotating left and right ✓       
Pneumatic rear tilting column ✓        
Double air-boosters in the 4 jaws, foot operated      
Pneumatic position lock of the mounting head      
Automatic high-speed tyre inflator with pressure gauge, foot operated      
Right helper-arm - 3 functions -  height 1.56 m       

Other information

Voltage TC24AH 230V / 1PH 1.1 kW     
Voltage TC24AHS - 2 Speed 400V / 3PH 0.75 + 1.1 kW    
Required pneumatic air pressure 8 - 10 Bar    
Noise <= 70 dB    
Weight of the car tyre changing machine 306 kg    
Package L98 x B76 x H101 cm - 312 kg      
Helper arm L128 x B55 x H45 cm - 88 kg       

In stock
€1.695,- / 1.795.- €1.895,- / 1.995,-
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs

Airbooster - Air tank at the rear

The tyre changing machine's air tank is connected to eight air holes in the claws.
The air comes out of 8 holes and the cheek hits the rim.
The tire inflator to bring the tire to the correct pressure and the air booster are operated with one foot pedal, so "hands free".

Delivery - tyre changing machine

The car tyre changing machine with helper-arm is tested before packed in two crates together with:

  • Tyre lever, wheel clamp and grease container
  • Set of plastic caps for mounting head
  • Caps for the clamping jaws and the rim
  • Bead breaker protective cap 
  • Installation + operating manual for the car tyre changing machine