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TyreON TL75 mobile truck lift - 30T - wired and 400V powered

Total Capacity 30 Ton - Wired
Mobile Columns 4
Columncapacity 7500 kg
Lifting speed 1.75 cm per second
Lifting range 0 - 180 cm
Operation 400V Electric-hydraulic
Wired - interconnected
All columns with controller
Master column with display
and cabled remote control
Free connection 4 of 6 Columns
Voltage 400V
Our hydraulic TyreON TL75 mobile truck lift can be moved like a pallet truck and it can be used on any flat paved ground, both indoors and outdoors.

Perfect for lifting trucks and buses.
Very accurate manufactured by laser cutting and robot welding.

TyreON TL75  |  30T Capacity - 4 columns with controller  

The hydraulic mobile TyreON TL75 consists of 4 columns with a total lifting capacity of 30.000 kg.
All columns are equipped with a 24 Volt - 2,2 kW hydraulic pump-unit.

This mobile truck lift can be operated from all columns.
The master column comes with a controller with LCD display and features an self-diagnosis error-code system. All columns stop immediately if any failure is detected.

Low maintenance - heavy hydraulic technology

Leaving behind old screw- and chain driven systems, TyreON presents the hydraulic TL75 mobile heavy duty truck lifts. The high lifting speed of 1.75 cm per second is characteristic of this technology.
With microprocessor and own software for synchronic and smooth lifting and descending of heavy vehicles even with unequally distributed load.
The system parameters including the lifting height per column are continuously displayed on the mastercolumn.

Features hydraulic mobile truck column lift

  • 400V electric hydraulic operation
  • Fast, the truck comes to the highest lifting point within 100 seconds
  • Lockfunction
  • Thanks to the hydraulic trolley, the columns can be moved
  • Adjustable forks to accommodate tires with different diameters
  • Controller on each column
  • Master column with additional LCD display and remote control 
  • Switch for single, pair or all-columns operation on the master column
  • Heavy-duty guide bearings and safety hook in each column
  • Powder coated
  • Comes with a central lifting eye and forklift pockets


  • Simple, robust and low maintenance technology
  • No complicated civil construction required
  • Mobile and flexible, it can be used indoor or outdoor
  • Can be safely used on a flat, stable surface 


  • Double safety system
  • 1 - Automatic mechanical safety hook every 3,5 cm with electromagnetic release
  • 2 - Hydraulic check valves prevents sudden lowering in case of leakage or damage to the hydraulic system
  • A pressure valve prevents damage to the cylinder, pump or construction if the load is too heavy
  • Features an self-calibration an self-diagnosis error-code system
  • All columns stop immediately if a height-difference of 5 cm is detected
  • All columns stop immediately if any failure is detected
  • Safety stop, optical signal and acoustic signal on all columns
  • Procedure to lower the lift in case of a power-shut-down
  • IP54 electrical enclosure
  • TÜV - CE (EN1493) approved
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The techniques and possibilities of the TyreON TL75-4 mobile truck lift


Wired - interconnected



TL75 - 4, 6  mobile columns lift 30, 45 Ton      

TyreON TL75 - Wired

400 Volt Powered

Capacity of 1 column 7500 kg  / 7.5 Ton      
Power supply 400 V / 3 Ph      
Performance hydraulic pump motor in 1 column 2.2 kW      
Adjustable width between the forks 25 - 85 cm      
Suitable for wheeldiameter 38 - 115,6 cm      
Lifting range 0 - 180 cm      
Lifting time up to highest point <= 100 sec. average    
Lifting speed <= 1,75 cm / sec. average    
Dimensions and weight of 1 column L130 x W110 x H230 - cm / 600 kg      

Not in stock
Delivery time 90 days
€ - Prix sur demande
The price is excluding tax and delivery costs


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