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TPH40T-2 Air hydraulic jack 40 Tons

Capacity 40T Air-hydraulic
2-stage jack 40T - 20T
Lifting height 17,5 - 47,9 cm
Model Short chassis - Long bar
Weight - Total length 53 kg - 188 cm
Application Intensive commercial use
Delivery includes Extensions 75 + 45 + 20 mm
Hydraulic oil is filled
Pneumatic servicejack for the safe lifting of trucks, trailers, commercial vehicles, buses, construction and earth moving equipment, industrial machines, agricultural vehicles and forklift trucks.

TyreON TPH40T-2 pneumatic servicejack 40 ton

Pneumatic servicejack with 2 pistons rated for 30T.
This floor jack requires compressed air to lift heavy loads up to 40 Tonne.
Our axle jacks are standard equipped with many extras and safety options such as a joystick with dead man's control that also controls a steady delayed drop.

Pneumatic servicejack 40 ton - features

Heavy Duty
The durable heavy duty axle jack is designed and made for intensive professional use.
With internal and external hard-chrome cylinders resistant to wear and corrosion and each cylinder is fitted with two seals to prevent any oil loss.

Dead man's operation
The axle jack turns off and stops promptly when the hold-to-run joystick is released.
Comes with a shortcut for quick (de)coupling and an overpressure valve to prevent damage due to overload.

Locked position and lift evenly
A non-return valve guarantees a locked position for loads at all heights and a controlled even and smooth high lift rate under load.  The reduction valve ensures a smooth shock free descent, also with the heaviest load.

Fast lift 
The TyreON TPH40T-2 is fitted with a system that allows the lifting cylinders to be raised to the jacking point quickly and then also to be dropped rapidly once without load.

Solid chassis - oil circulation
The chassis, made of thick sheet steel, offers the best protection of the internal parts.
The oil cannot escape, even if the jack is positioned on its side.

Factory test - all circumstances
TyreON pneumatic servicejack will not fail in extremely low or high temperatures.
The jack was tested at -25 °C to + 45 °C and dynamic and static off-centre load tests were conducted to ensure safety.

CE approved, meets all current requirements;
EN 12100:2010 Safety of Machinery + EN 1494:2000+A1:2008 Mobile or Move-able Jacks

Information TyreON TPH40T-2 pneumatic servicejack


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Details TPH40T-2

Pneumatic servicejack 40 ton


Capacity  40 Tonne  
Minimum height 170 mm
Lifting height / with extensions 339 / 479 mm
Stage 1    40T 88 mm
Stage 2    20T 81 mm
Total stroke 169 mm
Width of the base - profile 190 mm
Width including wheels 280 mm
Total length of the pneumatic servicejack 1880 mm
Required air pressure 9-12  (0.9-1.2) Bar  (Mpa)
Air consumption 300         Litre/minute
Shortcut DIN Euro connection  1/4" screw thread
Package - 56 kg L140 x B25 x H30 cm  

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Included in your order

  • TPH40-2 pneumatic servicejack with wheels and handle
  • 2 cm, 4.5 cm and 7.5 cm extensions
  • User's manual
  • Hydraulic oil (Pre-filled with hv-iso-32)

Warranty - TyreCARE - Final test

Each pneumatic servicejack air is fully tested before being packed along with its documentation.
The servicejacks are delivered with a one-year warranty.
TyreCARE means that you can call on us for technical support and information even after the warranty period.

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